Oh Crap! I Have Some Catching Up To Do!

WOWZA! I have a lot to write about! Last weekend, Hubby and I went down to The Row Family Farm for my nephew's and niece's birthday party. Grady was 3 on March 10th, and Shelby will be 1 tomorrow. Happy birthday to my favorite kids! Row Farmer Extraordinaire Jason sent me home with 10 pallets from the hay barn for my compost, and Row Farmer Extraordinaire Michelle sent me home with a big box of beef!!! Thank God! We were really starting to miss red meat around here. Our stock ran out in about October and our beef cow (steer maybe?) won't be ready until August. Gotta let them babies fatten up on good ole grass and hay. No grain raised beef in this house! I have to go down to the Row Family Farm again soon, Row Farmer Extraordinaire Jason was telling me his neighbor's pigs got into fight with their pit bulls (other way around actually, and the neighbors had to put the pits down sadly because of it) and the piggies did not fair so well. So pork all around! So here are some pics of what I have...
These pallets....

...Will go on top of this concrete

Beef! It's what's for dinner!
 The plants are also doing very well! The tomatoes are happy in their bigger cups containers, and I still have 2 more on the shelf to transplant. The herbs are happy, sort of. The basil is great, The tarragon is great... Some of the others are turning purple and anemic looking. Oh well... Honestly, I am losing my gusto for the herbs. I think I will worry more about them when I see what is growing back from last year. My rosemary AND lavender have both sprouted! I hope they make it! I may even get to plant peppers this year! The Plant-Eating-She-Devil has left them alone! They have true leaves now, so will need to go into bigger containers soon. I have read that once their true leaves form, they don't like to have their feet wet until they get into the actual ground. The brassicas of all sorts are large and need to be thinned out. Peas go into the ground tomorrow at the community garden. It is supposed to be 59 tomorrow! Happy St. Patrick's Day! I got lucky (sort of?) Scheduling rolled my day off (today) to tomorrow so I could work a trip yesterday and this morning. Lucky though because we were done at 8 am, so I get today AND tomorrow off. Maybe one of the only good things to happen lately, but I will take it! I had a great crew, and am thankful to have an actual holiday off. And I get to plant my peas when they are supposed to be planted!!!

Anemic herbs

Bushy Basil

Amethyst Basil! I am so excited for this!!!

2 more tomatoes, and some peppers
Tomato Land!


  1. tomatoe land??? good thing you got that bar for Christmas :)

  2. Oooh, that is so awesome that you got all that beef! We have a whole freezer full of pork, but we have been thinking of going to a farm to get beef also!

  3. Your seedlings look great! You're lucky to be able to plant peas out already! We still have a few more weeks before I seed them outside.

  4. Meems, Yes! The meat is awesome! It should hold us over until our cow is ready late this summer. I can't wait to break out the grill!

    RG, Thank you! I have worked really hard on making sure my babies stay healthy this year. I have never actually planted the peas when I'm supposed to, so we will see how it goes!