A Little Taste of Sweetness

Ok, soI am finally posting about Bee Keeper Linette, Bee Keeper Extraordinaire. This past year was BKL's first year with the bees, and she has so much honey, she doesn't know what to do! I do believe she told me she is a second generation bee keeper, or was it third? I can't remember, but Thanks Linette for keeping this wonderful and necessary trade alive. It's wonderful! We had a trade. I got honey, and she got peach jam. The honey is so delicious! Honestly, it really is. It is nothing like honey you would get at the store, or even at a farmers market. It tastes distinctly different. Not too sweet, but just right. Floral. It's just awesome. Here is a pic of my little jar of heaven (It used to be full, but I have a small container in my lunch bag for work.) (as a side note... I am have been using a new photo editor, and sometimes my edits don't turn up on my blog... I am not sure why, but I am working on it...)

I also did a little shopping while I was in Baltimore, and this is what I got...

Two magazines (or books rather, or a mixture) about gardening, and some seeds from Whole Foods. I am excited about these seeds, well, honestly, I am excited about ALL seeds! These seeds are from Botanical Interests, and they are dedicated to supplying untreated, non GMO seeds. Wonderful! I can't wait to get the mung beans sprouting and the French Pumpkins in the ground to see how they turn out! Yum yum! Also in there is a basil mix (I am obsessed with growing basil now... I can't get enough of it) and some leeks. I have never grown leeks, so it will just have to be an experiment...

Earth Day is a very important day, and it is coming up soon! Less than a month! April 22 will be the day. Everyone needs to celebrate the planet we live on, and dedicate themselves to a more sustainable lifestyle. Gardening and creating my own food is just one thing I do to create a smaller carbon footprint. We also do not use paper towels, only use biodegradable soaps and laundry products, and try to reuse, recycle, or upcycle everything can. Jan at Thanks for Today is hosting a giveaway to celebrate Earth Day and sustainable living. Please give her a visit and feel free to enter the giveaway! Thanks for hosting this event Jan, and Thanks for encouraging everyone to have less impact and be more sustainable! Here is the link to the giveaway: http://thanksfor2day.blogspot.com/2011/03/gardeners-sustainable-living-2011-win.html


  1. I totally agree with being SUPER excited looking at seeds! My favorite is to visit all stores selling seeds and looking at the shelves in detail(in case I missed some seed that I should have planted) over and over again! Lol! Seriously, I have visited walmart seed shelves at least once a week since Feb!!

  2. Definitely! I am a seed shopping addict. When they show up at Home Depot, I am the first one there. I could spend probably an hour just looking at seeds at the store. Seed catalogs are even worse... I swear it's like garden porn.

  3. Hi TG, how nice to have a trade with a beekeeper for some honey. That's wonderful;-) I love the Botanical Interests seeds but especially the seed packets!! They are so cute, like something you might collect and keep someplace to look at over and over...maybe even frame them!? I'm kidding of course, but they are a great seed company and nice to talk to, as well. I am not a huge seed person because I have a lot of shade and haven't had the best results with seeds, but every year I give it a shot. And this year will be no different, except I'm not starting anything indoors this year. I will wait until the temps. are good for planting and then do some veggies and herbs in containers on my deck.
    Good luck with growing leeks this year! And your mung beans & French Pumpkins, too;-)
    Thanks for joining in with this project and linking your post! Have a fabulous garden season!

  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Being green should be common sense. It is how many of us lived not too long ago. And it does not have to be about inflexibility or fanaticism. It should be an intention and a clear goal but done with patience, persistence, and tolerance. I do not see the point in proselytizing. I think it is important for people to make their own choices because then they will fully commit to them. Great post!

  5. This is cool! This is one of the reason why people love visiting your site. Keep it up.

  6. Lots of good tips. I think it's great that certain national grocery train is offering more organic food than most. Digging a little under the surface though, even though it's organic, most of their meat products are not coming from free-range, pasture-raised environments.