Let the Annual Plant Shuffle Begin!

Today, I decided it was transplant day. The tomatoes were getting too big for the starter cell thing they were initially sown in, so it was time to get them into something bigger. I bought a sleeve of party cups (you know, the kind you play beer pong with) and the wrapper said their was 50... Now, if I were feeling like a smart gardener yesterday, I would have noticed that, Hey! There is no way there are 50 cups in here! Yeah... I ended up with only 24. Maybe that's why they were 50% off?

So, I got half of my tomatoes transplanted, and still have to find something for he peppers to go into. I found some smaller cups in my pantry, and began using those, but then I ran out of tray to put them on. So, I'm thinking I may have to break out my serving platters so the water doesn't drain all over the place. By the way, here is my new planting table! Its really just my awesome dining room table with table pads and plastic covering it.

I was out buying potting soil this morning and thought, I need to figure out how to NOT get my tomatoes mixed up (like I do EVERY YEAR) and I thought about MeemsNYC at Gardening in the Boroughs of NYC and her awesome find for making your own plant markers. We aren't too keen on milk drinking in our house, so no plastic jugs around here. However, I did remember that we have a Pat Catans close by, and I picked a box of 500 popsicle sticks for $6.42. Not bad, that comes in at only 1.3 cents per marker, and I can use them again next year. I don't think I will be running out of plant markers anytime soon.

So here is photo of my somewhat healthy but leggy looking tomatoes in their new bigger containers. I must remember not to make this mistake again and simply start the little buggers in bigger containers from the get go.
And here is a photo of the Plant-Eating-She-Devil thinking I don't see the wheels turning in her tiny little head...
And so the plant shuffling begins. Where do they get the most light? Are they warm enough? Did I water them today? How many do I have again? What kind is that?

What do you do in your house when it comes time for the shuffling game?

Oh! Last night was the community garden meeting, ever uneventful, and now I have my key. The peas will be going into the ground next week! I am so excited! 

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  1. It is a plant shuffle isn't it. I am starting seeds, and it takes up a lot of space. So does brining in my mandevillas for the winter, and other plants... Anyway. The Association of Professional Landscape Designers is having a conference in Cleveland June 13-18. Can I send you some info? email me at kathleen (@) gardenmediagroup.com