The Job Hunt

So BFF Steph rewrote my resume, and let me tell you... I would not have hired me if I had this new resume in front of me. Hot damn! She did an amazing job! She put me up for an exec asst position at her company, and today I was informed that I would not even be considered because several people have applied internally. So, back to square one, but with a new and improved resume! I have a better outlook now that my revamped resume is practically on steroids, but am still discouraged that I am stuck in this place. You know you need a new job when scheduling calls you at midnight to go to work and you start crying uncontrollably for nearly 30 minutes... The only thing I can do is keep on truckin'

Let me ask a question to all of you who do not have "traditional" jobs... What do you do about health benefits?


  1. I don't have to worry about health insurance now that I'm "elderly". Medicare will take care of me. When I was self employed, it was a real problem. Health insurance premiums were just outrageous, so I was left buying a "catastrophic" policy, which didn't even go into effect until I'd spent something like $10,000.....maybe it was even more. So I bought that policy and prayed I wouldn't get sick. Luckily, when I did have a catastrophic illness, I was 65 and covered.

  2. I work mostly as a freelancer, and this month, I started my own business. For health insurance, I am on my husband's plan. Don't give up on changing careers. I did it and so can you!

  3. Health benefits have been tricky for me. For a year I got the New York State cheap plan. It was useless. Almost impossible to find a doctor on their list that was accepting new patients. It wouldn't cover my main medical need (ADD). Only thing it was probably good for was emergencies, but luckily I didn't need it for that.

    I went another year uninsured. I paid for my prescriptions and doctor's fees out of pocket (not always cheap). Lucky again, there were no emergencies.

    Now, with the new health care laws, I'm back on my parents' plan (under 26). It's so nice being able to go see doctors for regular check-ups with no fear of the bill!

    Good luck with your job search! I know how tough that can be.

  4. I may be wrong, but I think with the new health care bill, at least you can't be turned down if you have a pre-existing condition,so that's something.

    Annie's Granny is right - Medicare is a dream. So much better than any employer insurance I ever had. The Medicare rules (hope this is not famous last words) really do seem to care about people as opposed to wringing every last nickle out of you and paying for as little as possible. I think it should be made available to everyone.