I am SO HAPPY March is OVER!

This month has been absolutely crazy for me in terms of working... I have worked way more hours than I am used to, and while I love the paycheck I will be getting, I have been in a little bit of a poor mental state. I have been searching for a new job, its not going well, and now I have been thinking I should just stick with this place until the end of next summer to make my school life easier. Hubby has encouraged me to change my attitude about my job, and focus on the good things it offers me... The ability to change my days off (sometimes) and the ability to get school work done. I generally do not work as much as I have this past month, and the garden and schooling has suffered. Mostly the garden... That seemed like a little bit of a babble, sorry...

So the garden! I am totally behind on my planting schedule. I need to sow the kale, more lettuces, and fennel... Fennel has never worked for me, but I am going to try it again anyways. I need to transplant my peppers and lettuces, as they are becoming root bound. The tomatoes are getting VERY big, and are taller than our breakfast bar. The color is not a very rich green, and they need more light. Soon my little babies, soon! Next year, I will fight the urge (like I do every year and fail) to plant my tomatoes as soon as Christmas is over. I just cant help it... I get all the holiday decor put away, and then I am hit with the winter blues, and I need a pick me up! It's like an emotional high, I swear!

My tulips outside have all popped up, and are now COVERED in snow... And speaking of snow, I am worried about my peas. I know peas are spring lovers and love the wet coldness, but this is ridiculous. I am not so much worried about them freezing, but rotting. They are only 1 dollar per packet at Home Depot, but I would just really love it if they make it. Next year, I will not be so worried about planting on St Patty's day, as it has not faired me well this year.

I hope everyone is doing well with their seedlings, and I am sorry I have been such an absentee gardener! It is all getting back to normal, slowly but surely.

On a side note... Tonight we are going to dinner for Lawyer Man Jon's (Hubby's brother) and Cool Whip Momma's (Hubby's Momma) birthday. Jon and his wonderful wife Wendy will be announcing to Momma that they are..... Prego!!!! I am so excited!!!!! I shouldn't be posting this on my blog until everything come's out and is officially announced, but I am just so excited!


  1. For some odd reason, the rule of thumb for planting peas here is to plant them on Good Friday. Now that could be end of March or end of April, so who knows? St. Patty's day is much too early for us.

  2. It's our first year for indoor seedlings, and we planted our tomatoes way too early. They're huge now! So we're scrambling to get them into 6 inch pots. Who knows, maybe the weather will turn for the better, and we'll both get early tomatoes!

  3. Bonnie... Yeah, after these last TWO snowfalls, I will just plant my peas next year when I get around to it... I am thinking its just too early *sigh*

    Jody, Welcome to the blogging world! This year I will be happy to just get ANY tomatoes... something weird happened last year, and everyone I know had problems with tomatoes - big beautiful plants, lots of flowers, no tomatoes. And if the plant did produce an actual fruit, it didn't turn red... So freakin weird... I hope this year is better. And I always start my tomatoes too early, my bad habit...

  4. I feel the same way too! All of the excitement gets me to plant the seeds way too early!lol!