The First Day of Spring!

Happy Spring everyone!!! I am at work of course, flying a thousand flights all over Texas. Yesterday we spent the day in Baltimore, which was nice since we rarely get long layovers anymore. The sun was shining, it was cool, and the air smelled like sea. I took a few pictures with my phone, but nothing too extensive. Its a good but long day today. I love one of my crew members, which always makes it easier. I ran into some friends at the Houston airport, and that is always nice. One of them being Bee Keeper Linette, Bee keeper extraodinaire. We exchanged some peach jam for some honey, and I promised her I would do a nice post about it. I will as soon as I am home so I can take a picture of it. Only posting one pic of Charm City for now, since I only have my cell phone to work with. I hope everyone has a wonderful first day of Spring! Its the gardeners holiday!!!
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  1. Love your header picture, it's so springy! I have quite a while before my trees bloom.

  2. It's here alright; now the hard work begins!

  3. Bonnie, Thanks! Its actually a picture I took 2 years ago while on a layover in Boston. I was there at just the right time to see the trees and tulips in bloom.

    IG, Yes, the work shall commence. But GOOD work!