Planting Thus Far

I returned home from my trip on Sunday night SUPER excited to see the progress of my seedlings only to discover that Punkin had crept into the seed shelf and EATEN THEM. I pretty much expected this to happen, and this morning replanted. Here is a photo of my seed shelf, with the lights Hubby got me for Valentine's Day (maybe he didn't get them for that reason, but I am saying he did!) I had to rearrange to only use the top 2 shelves so that plant eating evil cat can't get to my precious seedlings.
The she-devil does not eat herbs however, and here is a tray of them...

Here is the list of things that have been planted so far...
Basil (a TON, I can never seem to get enough), cilantro, dill, lavender, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon

Burpee - Sweet 100 Cherry hybrid, Better boy hybrid, Big boy hybrid, Big mama paste hybrid, Brandywine heirloom
Seed Savers Exchange - Golden sunray heirloom, Federle paste heirloom, Brandywine heirloom,
Ferry Morse - San Marzano heirloom
(All together about 18 plants. I doubt it will be enough to keep us through summer and have enough to can for next winter, so I will probably start some more in a couple of weeks.)

SSE - Bull nose bell, Joes long cayenne, Cubanelle (9 plants all together, again, probably not enough)

SSE - DeCicco broccoli (6 plants) Long Island Improved brussel sprouts (4 plants)

Ferry Morse - Early long purple (2 plants)

Lettuces: (all are from burpee)
black seeded simpson, little caesar romaine, 4 seasons red leaf, mesclun mix

SSE - Lacinto kale
Burpee - baby leaf spinach hybrid, avon spinach hybrid (I get these going early because I can't ever seem to get spinach to grow. EVER)

I FINALLY got to order my seeds from Johnny's Seeds. Thanks for my gift certificate Momma Gardener! I ordered cabbages (caraflex, red express, rubicon napa), carrots (purple haze, rainbow), eggplant (orient charm), pac choi (joi choi, black summer), javelin parsnips, bright lights swiss chard, white spear scallions, and some herbs (purple basil, chervil, winter savory, summer savory). Whew, that was a lot of typing! I have a bunch of hybrids still growing simply because, I have them! I can't being myself to ever throw away seeds. Last year, my SSE seeds barely germinated, and this year (the very same seeds) are germinating at almost 100%... Maybe they didnt like the atmosphere at our old house as much as this one... I don't really care, since I got a refund last year, so am basically growing things for free! I have many more plants to start, but not for several more weeks.

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  1. WOWZA! What a list!! and uhh... where are the kitty oats? catnip???

    looks amazing honey bunch~~