Harvest Monday

First of all, Happy Birthday to my Hubby! He is getting up there at the ripe old age of 28 (hehe, just kidding).

I am going to try to get my "Harvest Monday" habit back. Even though I have NO HARVEST (ugh) I did score some goodies at Home Depot today. First, I got a thermometer for my "greenhouse." Just something simple that shows the temp and humidity level. Then I got Glads! I am hoping they will grow tall enough to cover my ugly brick wall beneath the porch. That thing is like, 6 feet of ugliness.
55 bulbs for $10!!!
Then I couldn't help myself and got 2 bags of onions, one red set and one white set, 160 total plants for $4! I dont really know what kind of "white" and "red" onions they are, but will be a viable experiment for my first onion growing project.

Then I got dirt. Just some good ole potting soil to transplant my basil, sage, and tarragon. They were getting a little too big for their little sprouting containers. I transplanted them into CoolWhip containers lovingly donated every few weeks by my Mother-in-law. Thanks Momma D! I put the containers on top of sheet trays from my kitchen, and for now they are sitting on top of the "greenhouse."
It was a big weekend at the our house. We had Hubby's birthday party, and my good friend Senior's husband installed our new bar! The barstools are currently on loan from Senior until we find our own. We LOVE the new bar!


  1. Isn't Home Depot fun? I always have to go straight to the garden section and drool over what they have. I just bought myself some peonies.
    It really is hard to resist!