Harvest Monday

First of all, Happy Birthday to my Hubby! He is getting up there at the ripe old age of 28 (hehe, just kidding).

I am going to try to get my "Harvest Monday" habit back. Even though I have NO HARVEST (ugh) I did score some goodies at Home Depot today. First, I got a thermometer for my "greenhouse." Just something simple that shows the temp and humidity level. Then I got Glads! I am hoping they will grow tall enough to cover my ugly brick wall beneath the porch. That thing is like, 6 feet of ugliness.
55 bulbs for $10!!!
Then I couldn't help myself and got 2 bags of onions, one red set and one white set, 160 total plants for $4! I dont really know what kind of "white" and "red" onions they are, but will be a viable experiment for my first onion growing project.

Then I got dirt. Just some good ole potting soil to transplant my basil, sage, and tarragon. They were getting a little too big for their little sprouting containers. I transplanted them into CoolWhip containers lovingly donated every few weeks by my Mother-in-law. Thanks Momma D! I put the containers on top of sheet trays from my kitchen, and for now they are sitting on top of the "greenhouse."
It was a big weekend at the our house. We had Hubby's birthday party, and my good friend Senior's husband installed our new bar! The barstools are currently on loan from Senior until we find our own. We LOVE the new bar!


And Then There Was Snow.... Again

I am so getting tired of snow. Looking at snow, shoveling snow, writing about snow, reading about snow... I am just over it! But these pics are kind of funny...
Mom? Why can't I see out the window?

Back Door


My Favorite Things Are....


My seeds from Johnny's came today!!! I am so very excited!!! Oh my gosh!!! It is just like Christmas!!! (without the annoying relatives)

I promptly sowed my amethyst basil, summer savory, winter savory, chervil, and orient charm eggplant :)


Welcome to the World of Blogging

Welcome Lin at Next Chapter to Come!

My Mom, who I affectionately call Momma Gardener, started her own blog! THREE YEARS AGO! She is slowly getting into the habit of writing regularly, which is hard due to her crazy schedule. She talks about her house, her yard, family, and well, life in general.

I hope that with some encouragement and more followers, she will write on a more regular basis. I love to read my mom's writing. She is quite eloquent, and sometimes I forget that. Even though I know what's going on in her world, when it is on paper (sort of) right in front of me, it hits a different cord. I hope you will begin reading and following, and enjoy!


My Secret Desire....

Is to live a smaller life. I want to ride my bike to work (when its not snowing or icing). I want to work for a company that does something important. I want to be a part of a company, rather than just a number.

I don't know how to do this. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but I do know that I don't want to be this. Whatever this is, its not working for me anymore. I know that growing a garden and taking care of my family is a step in the right direction of living a smaller life and not being so dependent on the system.

I know I can't quit my job until I have a replacement, but dear God, I cannot wait until I can get out. I know that having a "regular" job is a different life than I have now, and I didn't love my last "regular" job, but I did love the routine of it. I loved that on Saturday mornings, Hubby and I went to the market, and that I did laundry on Sundays. I don't know how to be happy at work anymore. I am afraid that if I find something I love, that I won't make enough money to help support my family. Is living smaller more key?

But what does that even mean? Less cable? No cable? Bye bye Blackberry? Having chickens? I don't know... Maybe perhaps I am having my quarter life crisis....


Ice and Seedlings

Last night, we got a ton of ice! I did my best to take some pictures of it, but I don't think they do the ice its fair justice...
The car

Bedroom Window

Power Lines
I took some picture of the seedlings as well... Everything is sprouting beautifully! I think the MOST exciting thing is that my lavender AND rosemary have sprouted! Those two are notoriously difficult to grow from seed, and I am just tickled pink. I am so thrilled! I also got an email that Johnny's has shipped my seeds. I am so excited to get them!!! It is going to be just like Christmas!!!
Lettuce Sprouts

Golden Sunray Tomato


Sage in back, Basil in front




More Tomatoes

I planted an extra tray of tomatoes and peppers last night.... My overwhelming fear of another crop failure consumed my thoughts yesterday. Last year, we had probably 15 tomato plants and got only about 50 tomatoes... Big beautiful plants, lots of flowers, and no tomatoes! I am hoping that Neighbor Catherine's bees will be healthier this year than last, and I will plant some flowers just for them! I planted 30 more tomatoes, bringing my total up to 48. I planted 3 more each of Yellow Jubilee and Golden Sunray, and a load of Big Mamas, Federle, and San Marzano. In my hopes to can salsa this year, I planted 3 more each of Bull Nose Bell peppers and Joe's Long Cayenne peppers.

The mesclun mix has already begun to sprout, and I am anxious to get some fresh salads!Our bodies are screaming for fresh home grown food. Even though the market has wonderful produce, you all know that there is just NOTHING like your own home grown food. I am getting heavy into Spring fever mode...


Planting Thus Far

I returned home from my trip on Sunday night SUPER excited to see the progress of my seedlings only to discover that Punkin had crept into the seed shelf and EATEN THEM. I pretty much expected this to happen, and this morning replanted. Here is a photo of my seed shelf, with the lights Hubby got me for Valentine's Day (maybe he didn't get them for that reason, but I am saying he did!) I had to rearrange to only use the top 2 shelves so that plant eating evil cat can't get to my precious seedlings.
The she-devil does not eat herbs however, and here is a tray of them...

Here is the list of things that have been planted so far...
Basil (a TON, I can never seem to get enough), cilantro, dill, lavender, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, tarragon

Burpee - Sweet 100 Cherry hybrid, Better boy hybrid, Big boy hybrid, Big mama paste hybrid, Brandywine heirloom
Seed Savers Exchange - Golden sunray heirloom, Federle paste heirloom, Brandywine heirloom,
Ferry Morse - San Marzano heirloom
(All together about 18 plants. I doubt it will be enough to keep us through summer and have enough to can for next winter, so I will probably start some more in a couple of weeks.)

SSE - Bull nose bell, Joes long cayenne, Cubanelle (9 plants all together, again, probably not enough)

SSE - DeCicco broccoli (6 plants) Long Island Improved brussel sprouts (4 plants)

Ferry Morse - Early long purple (2 plants)

Lettuces: (all are from burpee)
black seeded simpson, little caesar romaine, 4 seasons red leaf, mesclun mix

SSE - Lacinto kale
Burpee - baby leaf spinach hybrid, avon spinach hybrid (I get these going early because I can't ever seem to get spinach to grow. EVER)

I FINALLY got to order my seeds from Johnny's Seeds. Thanks for my gift certificate Momma Gardener! I ordered cabbages (caraflex, red express, rubicon napa), carrots (purple haze, rainbow), eggplant (orient charm), pac choi (joi choi, black summer), javelin parsnips, bright lights swiss chard, white spear scallions, and some herbs (purple basil, chervil, winter savory, summer savory). Whew, that was a lot of typing! I have a bunch of hybrids still growing simply because, I have them! I can't being myself to ever throw away seeds. Last year, my SSE seeds barely germinated, and this year (the very same seeds) are germinating at almost 100%... Maybe they didnt like the atmosphere at our old house as much as this one... I don't really care, since I got a refund last year, so am basically growing things for free! I have many more plants to start, but not for several more weeks.


I needed some color in my life!!!

I changed the blog picture header and the background... I'm not so sure I like the little birdies and that it is pink, but I need some color in my life!!! I'm sick of looking outside and seeing gray, white, brown, yucky winter. Im SICK OF IT!!!!! I know I can always go into the blogging world and see everyone's gorgeous pictures and secretly countdown the days until Spring. I have a ton of updating to do with my seed sprouts, and a bunch of pictures to take. More to come this week!!!!


On The Road Again

I have been on a trip for the last 3 days, and have had just a bunch of crap happen! However, I was in Cancun just long enough this morning to get a picture of the sun rising before having to leave the warm weather.
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More Bread!

Today we woke up with about 4-6 inches of drifty snow on the ground, and were dreading the big shovel. Luckily, Fireman Sam has a lot of resources and got his buddy to come over and plow the neighborhood driveways! Yay for us! We missed out during the last big snow when I had already retrieved BFF Steph's snowblower. BFF Steph's hubby Danger Dave Super Trucker sent me a photo 2 days ago of the snow in Minnesota on his route... He said his shoe is 13 inches tall (don't know how or why he knows that) and he was resting it in the tire trackes for a good picture... I am sure there is more snow now with all the talk of storms...

In other news, we brought Oliver home from the vet, and he resting comfortably in the bathroom. He is very sleepy and snuggly of course. Punkin and Charlotte are making to go up to the door and hiss every few hours, just so he knows who is boss in this house. As if he will ever forget! I cut off a hunk of my "No Knead Bread" and put it in the oven, and it came out beautifully! Much better texture this time than last, and better rising in the oven. I think I am going to grow to LOVE making bread this way!

I got the seed shelf up and running yesterday, and I promise to take some pictures and post what has been planted... Maybe tomorrow... For now, it is back to math... Math Math Math Math Math Math has consumed my life!