Who Would Have Thought it Would be This Hard...

... To take a precalculus class?  I need class 1580 to get into class 1610, and in order to get into 1580, the school needs my high school transcripts. Now, you might be wondering, how does one take college classes without them having the transcripts? Exactly my question!!!!! I was not even aware that the stupid school did not have them!!! So I talked to Momma Gardener in extreme distress, since she still lives my home town, and asked her to please help! She talked to the high school, they faxed a release (because this is Top Secret - via the CIA and all), she sent me the release, I signed it, scanned it back to Momma, and she took it to the Board of Education. Great! Right?

Wrong. So then MG calls me back, saying the girl cannot pull the transcripts until Tuesday (the last day of registration for this semester is tomorrow). I say, Why???? She says "You are so old, you are on a different system. The kids of today are microchipped and carry their transcripts around in a chip in their brain, and to retrieve them, they just get plugged in, Matrix style." Im like, ok, this sucks, this sucks really bad. So MG says she will do her best to convince the girl (who did not seem too smart) to try and retrieve my transcripts (Un-Matrix Style) and send them to MG's fax, and MG will send them to me ASAP...

I did not think this would be that hard???

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