Seed Starting Shelf

I have been wracking my brain since we moved into this house as to where in the heck I am going to start all of my seeds... I used to do it in the basement of the old house, and there was absolutely no light. I used a florescent fixture 24/7 until the plants were big enough to go outside. Anyways, I placed the shelf in front of a south facing window on the second floor so that no houses are blocking sunlight. I hope to not have to purchase more light fixtures, so I am willing to just see how it goes this year. I also ordered 2 more heating mats since our house is silly cold... What can I say? We are cheap! I did also get some plastic sheeting to sort of wrap around the shelf to create a greenhouse effect. Just gonna have to see how it all goes! I am pretty excited to get rolling already! As a side note, I totally irritated the Hubby by talking him into buying a new christmas tree for next year. I got a 9 ft prelit tree for $55marked down from $275!!! One of my best finds yet!

I spent most of the day yesterday mapping out the garden, and I came up with a raised bed plan for the back yard that gives us a total of 553 square feet of gardening space, and space for chickens! Yes, I am still determined to have chickens... Also spent some time sorting out seeds and figuring out what I want to order this year... I am not ordering again from SSE after my utter disappointment in the germination rate of their seeds last year. I am going to try Johnnys Seeds this year and see how it goes.

the shelf

left over seeds

Punkin, my ever faithful helper

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