Sams Chickens

Our neighbor across the street, Sam the Fireman, has 10 chickens. They are so big! I went over there to deliver a bagful of egg cartons, and he didn't answer the door, so I walked in the back to see if he was out. He wasn't, but the chickens were! I had forgotten that several weeks ago he told us that he had gotten a rooster, so today was my first glimpse! He is VERY big and such a sweety. All the little ladies were outside eating bugs and whatnot and squeeking and clucking away! I can't wait to have our own chickens!

Here he is!

Some of the lovely ladies


  1. I must admit that if I kept chickens, I'd be forever knicking one from the flock for the oven. Within weeks I'd be chickenless!

  2. Im not sure I could eat my own chickens... I get WAY too attached! And the eggs they produce are soooo much better than the grocery store eggs. I wouldn't want to lose those eggs!

  3. so uh... why did they get a rooster?