Goals for 2011

You know, I am not a resolution type of person... Lose weight, swear less, read more, and onward, etc.... I do better with goals. The beginning of the year seems to be a good opportunity to set goals because you have a long time to complete them, many different seasons in which to accomplish them, so on and so forth. Anyways, here goes the list...

1 - Finish all bedroom doors and actually hang them
2a - Knock down office wall, create new dining room
2b - purchase and install new window in new dining room
3 - Purchase and install (or have installed) the new pellet stove
4 - Remember to turn off the basement light more when doing laundry (my worst overall bad habit)
5 - Get the new office room in order with a desk/table thing, shelving, file cabinet, and a HEATER (this room was added as en extension and is friggin freezing!!!)
6 - Finish all the trim work that has yet to be painted, or even sanded....
7 - Install the remaining 2 windows we already have purchased... Might need help with the upstairs bathroom window... I am afraid of heights...
8 - Paint porch railings and floor
9 - Purchase, install, and finish the shower in the upstairs bathroom so we and our house guests can actually use it... Oh and install the fan (already purchased) for the shower... Might need help with that too, I am not an electrician

1 - Build raised beds and fill them with dirt and compost
2 - Actually keep track of the stuff we produce in terms of weight/numbers/etc...
3 - Remember to get the plants in the ground on time, and NOT kill them before doing so
4 - Dig up the 2 spindly spiny plants in the front yard (they seem to want to climb my brick wall) and replace them with something more useful, like herbs or something of the like...
5 - Build the wine bottle retaining walls (I will make a post on this later, but we are starting to look like alcoholics)
6 - Pull all the weeds that grow along side our house on the side with the vacant house (why is it that we always have lived next to a vacant house? Do we smell or something?)
7 - Im sure I will add to this list as the year goes on, but thats all I can think of right now...

1 - We decided that it would be a good year to see if we can go an entire year (from right now) without purchasing any new clothes. We decided that undies and socks and the like will not be included in this. Losing weight to fit into the clothes we already have is a number one priority in NOT spending any money. However, if we are given gift cards, we will gladly spend them :)
2 - Use our bicycles A LOT more... Gas is silly expensive, and bikes are no impact on the environment... Plus we can lose weight and fit into the clothes we have and save money!
3 - Eat at home. We have a tendency (especially in the winter) to eat out. Its too expensive, makes our waists fatter and our wallets thinner... It should be the other way around!
4 - Stay motivated for school. This one is just for me. I am in school trying to finish my degree which was started when I was 17 (eek! Eight years ago!) and I never finished due to a lot of reasons. I dont need to explain those to adult students, everyone has their own reasons... But anyways, I never know what is going on with my company since we are in the middle of a HUGE merger, and I just don't hold any seniority, so I need to have a backup plan.
5 - Work on the backup plan for goal number 4
6 - Be a better wife
7 - DO NOT adopt more cats... Even though I want to, Hubby might kill me

This seems like a long list... But as I think about it, a lot of these goals are long term. The to-do list for the house is just that. A list. Those things can be checked off one by one. The whole not buying clothes thing, and eating at home WAY more are going to be the really tough ones... Happy 2011!!!


  1. That's quite a list! Good luck!

    I think my garden list is pretty similar to yours, except for the wine bottle wall, which I'm very curious about. I hope you'll fill us in on that. It sounds neat.