Wow, It's Been Awhile!!!

Hello my fellow bloggers!!! I am have seriously been MIA in this part of my world. I am sorry that I have been so absent. I haven't even been reading blogs lately. I am going to blame this on my schoolwork, and fortunately, finals are next week! I won't even have to return to school until January 18th! YAY!

On the gardening front, I cleaned out my garden plot and turned in my community garden key. I am happy and sad at the same time to say that I will not be returning to the community garden. Hopefully, in the spring, we will be up and running in our own back yard. I have received my first (of many I hope) seed catalog! Johnny's sure doesn't mess around in that department.

I hope all is well in everyone else's worlds! I have a lot of reading to catch up on!


  1. So nice to see you blogging again, although (LOL) I didn't really know you were gone. I've been without an internet connection for two loooooong months, so today I'm finally able to get on line and begin catching up with everyone! I only have 107 blogs left to read and all will be well in my world.

    Yikes, you have a lot of snow!

  2. Granny, Nice to have you back as well! I was glad to read that you finally have your internet and don't have to wait for the library! Isn't it amazing how much we NEED this technology stuff? I can't wait to read more about you adventures in Mexico! Don't forget your passport!