Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous time this evening, and ring in the New Year with a bang! Many good wishes on everyone's families and even better gardens than this year!


Trying to Plan the New Garden....

As most of you know, we moved into our new house this past April. This summer we did some minor gardening along the side of the house and a little bit at the community garden... I am ready to get back into the full swing of things! I am trying to draw out our back yard... I have several copies on graph paper with measurements, but I just cant seem to figure this out. I don't know if I want raised beds. or just to till the whole darn thing. The problem is, our back yard is not level, and it runs down hill. The other problem is, is that well, it just is a weird shape. Its pretty much a rectangle, except for our driveway, and an old concrete thing... I need some opinions... Do you think raised beds are best? If so, how many feet of space should be between each bed for easy access? How wide is too wide? How long is too long? If you think I should just till the whole thing, what should I do about the runoff? Build a retaining wall? And don't forget the chickens! We need a chicken run off of the garage... about 6ft by 4 ft... My original is on graph paper, but it didnt scan the lines (they are really really light in color) Any help planning this thing would be great... Its a huge task.... Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Christmas Presents!!!

Tonight, Hubby and I exchanged Christmas presents! With my job, I never know my schedule, and probably wont be home on Christmas, so we just move holidays around to whenever we need them to be. But anywho, I got a yogurt maker! I am so excited! It is a Donvier yogurt maker, with 8 six ounce jars, and he also got me an extra set of jars and some yogurt culture. We have been talking about making our own yogurt for about 6 months, and now we are on our way! Tomorrow, we will head to the market and get some local organic milk, and we will prepare the first batch and see how it goes... I hope the results are delicious!

In my stocking I got a mini whisk (I've been asking for one for ages) and a new pepper mill. Hubby has a tendency to drop my pepper mills in his bowls of soup... Just in case you were wondering, Hubby got the Wii Madden 2011 football game, a Johnny Cash cd, and various sorts of baubles in his stocking. From my dad, he got a new dremmel. He loves getting tools for presents, makes him feel like a man, and I get to find projects for him to use them on!


Today at the Airport

It is a snowy mess! More than half of the flights are canceled, both departures and arrivals. It is so snowy, you cant even see past the end of the jetways. And of course, I am stuck here on airport alert, just in case they need me. Here are some photos...

Looking out at the taxiways and runways

The Departure Board... And it has only gotten worse...

View of the highway driving to work... Don't worry! The husband was driving!


Wow, It's Been Awhile!!!

Hello my fellow bloggers!!! I am have seriously been MIA in this part of my world. I am sorry that I have been so absent. I haven't even been reading blogs lately. I am going to blame this on my schoolwork, and fortunately, finals are next week! I won't even have to return to school until January 18th! YAY!

On the gardening front, I cleaned out my garden plot and turned in my community garden key. I am happy and sad at the same time to say that I will not be returning to the community garden. Hopefully, in the spring, we will be up and running in our own back yard. I have received my first (of many I hope) seed catalog! Johnny's sure doesn't mess around in that department.

I hope all is well in everyone else's worlds! I have a lot of reading to catch up on!