Lack of Blogging Inspiration...

I have had a small problem lately, and that would be lack of inspiration for blogging. So what is going on in the world of the Tiny Gardener? Not a whole lot...

My return to school has left me anxious and nervous, and now that I have completed my first 2 homework assignments, it's not so bad. Im still waiting for some of my books to arrive in the mail so I can complete some other assignments.

As far as the garden goes, all we are getting are radishes. RADISHES RADISHES RADISHES!!! I need to get on it and make some salad dressing so we can eat them in salad. I couldnt figure out what to do with the greens, and after some searching online, and I found a lot of people that simply saute them like spinach. I figured, what the heck?! I'll do it. The greens were AWESOME. Just sauteed with a little butter and olive oil, salt and pepper, and garlic. YUM YUM!!!!

I would like to welcome The Idiot Gardener to my small group of followers. I can't lie... I do get secretly giddy inside whenever I see that I have a new follower or a comment. It is like a mini sort of Christmas!

I did get to go see my friends Katie and Brian at the hospital. They welcomed their new baby girl, Addison, into the world on October 26, at 9 lbs 3 oz, 22 inches long. She is a cutie pie!!!!


The "Not So Community" Garden

So, this morning was supposed to be a work day down at the garden, and I went. We are supposed to attend at least one work day, or risk not being allowed to return next year. Not that I am wishing to return next year anyhow, but it would be irresponsible not to go to at least one. So anyways, I went to the work day at 930 a.m. and NO ONE ELSE SHOWED UP. NOT A SINGLE ONE. I looked in my calendar and in my garden rules handout thing, and sure enough, today was the last work day of the year. So freakin irritated!!!

On the other hand, I did pull out the rest of my hot pepper and eggplant plants. I got just enough baby veggies to make one last meal out of them. Our favorite this summer has been sauteed eggplant, hot peppers, and tomatoes over top of whole wheat pasta with cheese. Yum Yum!!!

I did get some cute pictures of some grass hoppers taking a little mid morning break.

Grass hopper on Broccoli 

Grass Hopper on Radish Leaves

Grass Hopper on Eggplant Leaf

Bee on Broccoli



I found the garden keys!!! They were under the drivers seat in the car, thank God!!! I really did not want to have to replace the key and risk getting thrown out of the garden!

I braved my sniffles and went down to the garden to check everything out, and I got radishes!!! Not a whole ton yet, but enough to redeem my pathetic attempt at growing radishes in window boxes. I got several Philly White Box radishes and 2 Cherry Belle radishes. I cant wait to wash them up and eat 'em! I just hope that I can savor their true flavor despite my congestion...

White Philly Box and Cherry Belle radishes


Missing Keys....

So yesterday, my wonderful Husband took our new Miata out to drive it to his Wednesday night volleyball, and in the process, lost the garage keys. WHICH coincidentally also have my key to the community garden! I want to go down and check on my radishes, beets, and peas, but they will all have to wait until Saturday (October's garden workday). I will have to make sure I dont get there too early so that the gate will be open when I get there... I am NOT looking forward to having to tell Bernie (the one who runs it all) that I lost my key... Yay...

On the other hand, Vacation was great! We went to the last cubs game of the season, ate at Graham Elliot and GEB HIMSELF was actually there!!! I can't tell you how awesome it was to actually see one of these famous guys at their restaurant! I can say that I have never seen Michael Symon at Lolitas... He must be too busy working on yet another TV show...

Anyhow... The blogging has been at a minimum... Not much is happening in the gardening world. Last week was spent mostly working on the finishing touches for my friends baby shower, which was hosted at my house. Then I had a 3 day trip, and now I have a cold... For the last 2 days, Ive been camped out on the couch watching movies and the food network. 

The attitude at work is starting to get to me... For those who don't know or don't live near a Continental Hub probably wouldn't know, but we are merging with United Airlines, and my fellow flight attendants as well as our lovely passengers are none to pleased with the goings on... I just want to yell at them and say "I don't know anything!!!! They don't even give us the goings on!!!! We find out about everything on the news!!!!" It isn't easy to work with people who hate being there... Ok, that's the end of my rant... But just in case you wanted to see what our beautiful Continental planes are going to look like with United's words, here ya go....

"United" plane in LAX