Harvest "Monday"

Thanks Daphne for hosting Harvest Monday! Yes, it is Tuesday again, but I can't help it! Yesterday we spent the day at Oktoberfest, drinking, eating, watching the wiener dog races. It was so much fun!!! But anyways, today I got a TON of tomatoes... Well, green ones. They really weren't even harvested on purpose. I was pulling out my dead, gnarly, viny tomato plants because my patience has run out. If only the largest ones could have lived through the destruction... I got one patty pan squash from the community garden. I didn't grow it... Everything that is grown "around the edges" is for everyone to share, and I missed all of the zucchinis, so I am happy to have gotten this guy. He is big for a patty pan... maybe 1/2 pound?

I pulled out allllllll of the hillbilly tomatoes because I just couldn't stand it anymore. Now I have a big open place for my lovely rose bush to go...
This rose bush (up) is going in this spot (down) and will have a lovely trellis to climb on in the spring

This other rose Bush is my pride and joy. I have no idea what kind it is... It is on its FOURTH bloom for the year! My others have only bloomed once.

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