Fall Planting

I am heading on down to the community garden today to pull put my totally spent cabbages, stake up my eggplant bushes, and do some fall planting. I am only planting a few things. All seeds, no plants. The heat is supposed to break tomorrow night with a thunderstorm followed by rain and cool temps for about 3 days. I would rather get these tiny hopefuls into the ground now versus in the soaking rain.

My fall garden prep has been, uh, minimal, for lack of a better term. I was hoping to have more garden space along side the house by now, but since my tomatoes have yet to give me anything red, I am delaying pulling them out. I cant wait to take out my frustration on those bushy buggers.

So anyways, the Community Garden list goes a little like this (north to south)

Sugar Snap Peas (seed)
Hot Peppers (existing)
Egglplant (existing)
Beets - Detroit Dark Red (seed)
Carrots - Danvers Half Long (seed)
Radishes - Philly White Box, China Rose Winter, Cherry Belle (all seed)

I am also going to rip out my two lone tomato plants growing in pots. They dont really like the pots much, and the tomatoes that formed have just been hanging on dead vines. Not really a pretty sight... I also have some mint in pots that just doesnt seem happy. Mint seems to grow in this neighborhood like wild fire. It is all over the community garden, popping up in everyone's beds, and even my neighbor Sam has mint all along the side of his driveway. Serious mint bed, maybe 40ft x 5ft. Insane.

The Community Garden

 The Community Garden 

My parched and pathetic plot before my morning of work


  1. Congrats on getting your fall planting accomplished! I had been thinking about fall planting for weeks, but hesitated to sow any seeds since it's been so HOT this summer. I finally got most of it done last weekend (I posted about it a few days ago, if you want to look at my list), but am nervous as to whether the seedlings will survive this continuing heat. I did see that they are forecasting cooler weather (in the 70s) this weekend, so hopefully that will help with the fall crops.

    Thanks for posting pictures of your community garden. I'm kind of fascinated with the idea of community gardens, but haven't found any in this area. Okay, I admit, I haven't looked that hard, either. :)

  2. I have the exact same blog page design!!!