Time to Catch Up

Its been a whole month since my last post, and I am determined to get back on the wagon and BLOG. I am trapped at the airport today, so I thought it a good time to update.

We have about a thousand tomato plants, and NO TOMATOES! Ok, that is an exaggeration... We have had 3 red tomatoes. I have lots and lots of green ones, but no red ones. I think this bunch of romas here have been green for about 6 or 7 weeks...

I picked the last of the cabbage from the community garden plot, and gave 2 heads to my friend, and then worked so much that the other 2 sat on the counter and wilted away to the point of worthlessness.

I spent a day down at Momma Gardener's house in Mt Vernon, and she sent me home with a grocery bag of tomatoes, so I attempted my first batch of tomato sauce for canning, and I let it cook and cook an cook, and it was still too watery, so I canned tomato soup instead :)   I have been reading about canning tomatoes, and you are supposed to put citric acid in with the tomatoes, and I didn't do that... So I am thinking I should just eat my tomato soup before something weird happens to it. We also spent the day with my sisters kids, and Grady just loved picking raspberries!! His momma swears he hates raspberries, but he was eating them as fast as I could pick them! Little Shelby on the other hand is just a puking machine right now, so I dont really like hanging out with her too much. She is a cutie though!

I made 2 beautiful jars of cinnamon granola this morning, as well as one ice cube tray worth of pesto. Hopefully my tomatoes will ripen and I can attempt to can properly!


  1. Green tomatoes hold so much potential, and they really tested my patience this year while I waited for them to ripen red. I hope yours ripen for you sooner rather than later. Your nephew and niece are such cuties! I've been reading a lot about canning from various garden blogs, and am curious to try my hand at it next year. Gotta first learn to grow more tomatoes, though!

    p.s. what airports do you fly to/from? I'm at IND and DFW just about every weekend.

  2. I am based out of Cleveland, but really go everywhere... There is no telling what my schedule will be...

    Canning is something I used to do with my Mom (Momma Gardener) a lot when I was a kid. It really isnt hard... Just time consuming getting all the fruit and veg chopped up. And trust me, when making jam, follow the recipe. I made it the first time with BEAUTIFUL strawberries, and it never jelled up... it was more like strawberry syrup...