Holy Peach!

Today as I was pulling in the driveway to pick up my new baby Charlotte and take her to the vet, Ray stopped by to tell me to come get peaches. I told him I would come by this afternoon, and without fail, the legend of Rays Peaches has held true. He had 3 FULL grocery bags ready for me to go when I walked back into his peach smelling back yard. It was like walking into heaven. I loved it!!! Nevertheless, I only took 2 bags of peaches, assuring him that the amount would be plenty for me to make enough jam to last, oh I don't know, until the apocalypse? I was a little worried when I peaked into the bags, and they were green, but when I cut into them, OMG the juice and the aroma!!! Delish!!! I got 6 jars of peach jam, and still have a bag and a half to go... I will need to buy more sugar and pectin....

He also gave me 2 tomatoes, since I couldnt help but relay my sadness that my gorgeous Hillbilly Tomato plants (also from his wonderful abundance) have yet failed to give me a ripened tomato.
I cant remember the one on the left, but the right one, multicolored HillBilly tomato

**Side note... FOLLOW THE RECIPES!!! Making Jam without the recipe does not a good jam make... Trust me on that... 

**Another side note... I opened my fresh made tomato sauce/soup stuff, and it was awful... I think I have to throw out the whole batch :( Sorry Momma Gardener

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