Yeah, I absolutely SUCK at blogging this summer...

But it is truly only because I don't have much to blog about!!!

The only things I have growing this year are collards (which were pulled out of the ground because they were bolting), some  very midget like hot pepper plants, and 1,000 tomatoes growing along side the house. Tomatoes are tomatoes... None of them are anything special yet, since they were put in the ground WAY too late. However, on that negative note, the "hillbilly tomatoes" Ray gave me are doing quite well for the lot of them this year. Four plants up to my chest and only 2 tomatoes...

I pulled the peas out of the ground, as they were so dried up from this crazy summer heat they were brown and dusty. I did get a good harvest though. Probably about 3 pounds. I also had cabbage growing that we got for free from the community garden. I have gotten 4 heads so far, 3 green and 1 red. Total yield from the cabbage, 2 gallon bags worth. Collards total yield was 4 gallon bags worth.

Kale and Cabbage
Needed something to scale my last harvest against... Hence, the butter dish
Peas coming to their demise
Lovely Cabbage Head
The Cabbage Patch
Cabbage all cut up and ready for cookin'