Community Garden

Its official! We are moving into our new house in 11 days, and I am part of the community garden!

We cant wait to move! We are planning out which projects needs to be completed first, how to set up the garden in the yard, etc. I am not nearly done packing. I got a huge head start a few weeks ago with Momma, but now it is becoming crunch time.

The community garden I hope will be awesome. Tonight was the first meeting, and everyone seems really nice and pretty resourceful. Everyone was full of good ideas on how to improve (I was at a loss for most of the conversation since I am one of the new kids) such as adding more water barrels (I am hooking them up with the guy I got my barrels from out in Mentor) and having a garden picnic and creating a phone list. A lot of the people live right around our new house, so I hope to see them at our house party. We cant wait to get to know our neighbors.

My plot is #19, 4x12 feet and from the map it is the most north plot. I haven't decided if that is bad or good, just depends on who is south of me and how tall their plants will grow. I will have to get over there and take some pictures. I'm sure it just a pile of dirt, but I just got my key and have yet to even see it. Oh well, I'm sure I will love it! Yay for Herman Community Gardeners!

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  1. ahhhhhhhhh the community garden! how wonderful! even though you are the new kid as you say, i bet you can teach the old dogs some new tricks! I am just so EXCITED to see you new home! ahhhhhhhhh just cannot wait! love you pea pod