A New Post, Just for Anthony Bays

I dedicate this post to Anthony Bays, as he consistently tells me I have a severe problem keeping up with my blog. So here goes.

We moved!!! We own a house!!! Moving was insane, and instead of it taking us one day as planned, it took us two and a half days. Rain, sun, heat, cold, we had a little of everything except snow. The garden is seriously suffering. I didn't attend the work day for the community garden, but it looks great. Mulch was laid over top of weed block so that the weekend would be down for the year, and everything was given a good clean up. I havent been inside to check out my plot, but I need to get that done. I plant on putting the cold weather veggies in there hopefully on Sunday. Peas, broccoli, kale, brussell sprouts, radish, onions, maybe some garlic in the fall. Also the yellow summer squash will go in there later this year, after the last frost.

I have seriously been neglecting my seedlings, and I hope they dont die. I need to get them out into the sun, but I just dont have enough time. I will only be at my job for another 2 weeks, and then I will have 3 weeks before I go back to flying, so hopefully I can just work my butt off and get the house done and get the garden up and running. The lettuces need to go into boxes on the porch, seedlings for summer plants need to be started, the list just goes on and on. Punkin ate my green pepper sprouts, so I will have to purchase plants from the store. I dont think I have enough time to get them up to the size they need to be for transplant.

The house is coming along nicely. We have the master bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen all painted. The back entryway needs some light sanding before we can paint. The guest rooms still need painted, as well as the upstairs hallway. We will get there. Momma is coming this weekend to help me build the headboard and other various things. I need to sit down and make a list. We are probably going to order windows for the living room (the only windows left on the first floor that need replacing), as well as a door for the master bedroom and one for the bigger guest room. We budgeted for all of this, but actually spending the money sucks.


Community Garden

Its official! We are moving into our new house in 11 days, and I am part of the community garden!

We cant wait to move! We are planning out which projects needs to be completed first, how to set up the garden in the yard, etc. I am not nearly done packing. I got a huge head start a few weeks ago with Momma, but now it is becoming crunch time.

The community garden I hope will be awesome. Tonight was the first meeting, and everyone seems really nice and pretty resourceful. Everyone was full of good ideas on how to improve (I was at a loss for most of the conversation since I am one of the new kids) such as adding more water barrels (I am hooking them up with the guy I got my barrels from out in Mentor) and having a garden picnic and creating a phone list. A lot of the people live right around our new house, so I hope to see them at our house party. We cant wait to get to know our neighbors.

My plot is #19, 4x12 feet and from the map it is the most north plot. I haven't decided if that is bad or good, just depends on who is south of me and how tall their plants will grow. I will have to get over there and take some pictures. I'm sure it just a pile of dirt, but I just got my key and have yet to even see it. Oh well, I'm sure I will love it! Yay for Herman Community Gardeners!