Wowza, Whata Weekend!

Ok, so first off, we have a house! Yay! It is big and wonderful, and kind of finished, kind of not, but whatever. I love it. It is in little Italy on the West side, and on Friday, we went to a neighborhood bar for burgers, and actually met one of our new neighbors, Joe. He is an awesome bartender, and seems like a cool dude. Cant wait to move in... We close April 13th :)   I have already started packing, and we are becoming box people.On a side note, we are not alcoholics, but my friend told me a great place to get boxes was at the liquor store, so yeah... We should be the life of the party at the new house. And Punkin has been such a great help by sleeping on everything...

The seedlings are doing well. Still some of them havent sprouted, even though I placed more seeds. We will just have to wait and see. The lettuces are almost ready for there own container, as are the radishes. I will have to figure out what to do...

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  1. wow... your little plant babies have grown just since I was there.... and look at ALL those boxes! hugs... Mommma