New Sprouts

Today I went and checked on my newly planted seeds, and I have sprouts of Tomatoes (San Marzano, Sweet 100, Brandywine, and Yellow Jubilee). I am happy that they are growing and I really really hope that I will have plants big enough in time for planting. Genovese Basil is also beginning to sprout. In addition, I planted some cat grass for Punkin, which hasnt sprouted, but we will see. I don't even know if she will like it, but I will give it a shot. I am going to throw some new parsley seeds into the mix, as only one of them has sprouted so far.

Outside, the herbs are looking good. The tarragon has started to grow back, as well as the oregano and thyme. I hope the rosemary and lavender come back. The lavender is one of my favorites to look at (as well as make some yummy smelling things for the house.)

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