New Sprouts

Today I went and checked on my newly planted seeds, and I have sprouts of Tomatoes (San Marzano, Sweet 100, Brandywine, and Yellow Jubilee). I am happy that they are growing and I really really hope that I will have plants big enough in time for planting. Genovese Basil is also beginning to sprout. In addition, I planted some cat grass for Punkin, which hasnt sprouted, but we will see. I don't even know if she will like it, but I will give it a shot. I am going to throw some new parsley seeds into the mix, as only one of them has sprouted so far.

Outside, the herbs are looking good. The tarragon has started to grow back, as well as the oregano and thyme. I hope the rosemary and lavender come back. The lavender is one of my favorites to look at (as well as make some yummy smelling things for the house.)


Jamies Food Revolution

The master of simplistic cooking. The innovator of School Dinners. The Naked Chef. Jamie Oliver.

Why couldnt some great American chef have thought of this idea? Take the "unhealthiest city in the country" to kick off a whirlwind effort to change the food the children of this country eat. I watched the "sneak peak" on Hulu.com, and I was absolutely astounded that the people living there were actually OK with the food they were putting in their mouths. Unbelievable. Fried Food, all frozen processed re heated food. Pizza for breakfast, then for lunch. Rehydrated frzen steamed eggs, and then frozen nuggets and french fries for lunch, not to mention the side of bread and chocolate milk (not that I have a problem with chocolate milk, I am quite a fan actually). Did I mention that the kids were also given an apple? They all threw the fruit in the trash. I just hope his idea works, and he can help some of these people realize what they are eating is killing them. Processed, chemicalized, premade, unreal "food". Watch the Sneak Peak here:


Severe Disappointment

I have no new pictures today. The plants that have actually germinated (hardly any from Seed Savers) are doing well. The lettuces and cold weather veggies are out on the porch getting a sun tan. I purchased new tomato seeds today, since only 2 out of 20 seeds from SS have sprouted. I purchased some Burpee hybrids, which I didnt want. The hybrids are interrupting my plans to save seeds from the plants that I can easily harvest them from. Tomatoes would be one of those. Oh well! I sent an email to them demanding a refund. I will just have to wait and see what happens.


Wowza, Whata Weekend!

Ok, so first off, we have a house! Yay! It is big and wonderful, and kind of finished, kind of not, but whatever. I love it. It is in little Italy on the West side, and on Friday, we went to a neighborhood bar for burgers, and actually met one of our new neighbors, Joe. He is an awesome bartender, and seems like a cool dude. Cant wait to move in... We close April 13th :)   I have already started packing, and we are becoming box people.On a side note, we are not alcoholics, but my friend told me a great place to get boxes was at the liquor store, so yeah... We should be the life of the party at the new house. And Punkin has been such a great help by sleeping on everything...

The seedlings are doing well. Still some of them havent sprouted, even though I placed more seeds. We will just have to wait and see. The lettuces are almost ready for there own container, as are the radishes. I will have to figure out what to do...


Oh My God

We have a cat... Pumpkin... I love this little thing! I will post her story when my computer battery isnt so dead...