Market Spoils

Saturday in the Frozen Tundra... We got like, 8 inches of snow in about 12 hours. I honestly couldnt believe my eyes when I walked outside today to do my usual Saturday stuff. There is so much snow out in Pittsburgh (reports from my Momma) that the city has shut itself down. Pittsburgh I guess is not equipped, mentally, nor do they know how to use plows, well anough to handle the snow. The said the snow was actually up to her knees this morning while taking the dogs for a walk.

So today at the market, I got a fresh little chicken to cook up this week and make more stock. I couldnt resist the tomatoes. I have been yearning for a tomato. It was cheap, and I only got one. I will definitely report back on the taste when we actually get around to eating it. Last week, I got blueberries, and was supremely disappointed in the hardness and bitterness of the blue gems.

Only a few more weeks until I begin planting, and I really cannot wait. Then I might actually have some good blogging material.

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  1. Hi Pea Pod... just catching up on your blog.... your market finds are beautiful! and, love those little seeds....by the way, PHIL is a JERK! haha.. we are heading our of oz today... got someone to dig out the drive and open up the walk so we can get in... love you honey...Momma