Food, Inc

 I have watched Food, Inc twice now. The first time, I was absolutely disgusted with what has been going into my mouth my whole life. The second time however, was a drastically different experience. I learned exactly how things are "grown" and subsidized, and all of the lobbying going on. I learned how to make a difference. I felt inspired by the open and blatant opinions of those brave enough to share their opinions, and put their livelihoods on the line. All I can say is that this is not just an amazing movie, it is an important movie (not just their tagline, but the truth).

Buy Organic. Buy Local. Support businesses that treat their employees and the environment with respect. Plant a Garden (even a tiny one). Educate yourself on where your food comes from, and what the realy cost of it is, whether the cost be dollars, or your health.

Oh, and watch the Planet Green channel. #286 on directv


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  2. If you subscribe to Netflix, it is also available to stream.