The First Seeds!!

The seedling mats are out and re-flattening  (is that a word?), and the first seeds are planted. I started with My bell peppers and lavender. The peppers I started so early because last year, the little buggers died and never even made it into the garden. This way, if they die again, I have time to remedy the situation and try again. I started the lavender so early because the plants that went into pots last year were so small, that I didnt get any flowers until late summer. I am also a little worried that I didn't overwinter the plants properly, and that they will not come back in the spring. I didn't get around to cutting them down to the ground, and so they have been shivering in the snow and frigid air.


  1. If you are a Netflix subscriber, it is also available for streaming.

  2. I wish I were a Netflix girl... Maybe someday in the future...