All Sorts of New Things

Oh my! Where, oh where has my blogging ability gone? Oh where, oh where can it be?? (good thing you are reading because my singing ability is most certainly not my strong point.)

I purchased 2 packages of new seedling trays, only little did i know (or read) that each package contained 2 trays, so I have 72 extra seed cells. Which is totally fine. I really do prefer having actual little pots to put the seeds into rather than the little freestanding tube things I have. I like the soil better in the tube things though, so I will have to do some, eh, thinking about what to do next.

Today I planted 4 types of tomatoes (Brandywine, sweet 100 cherry, Golden Sunray, and Federle Plum), all of my herbs (I am having a brain fart so I will have to list them later), all of the lettuces and greens, broccoli and brussel sprouts. The green peppers have sprouted! I broke on of the baby leaves today, so I hope the little bugger makes it.  The tulips are all growing, and pushing the dirt away, so I will have to top them off soon.

On a side note, I was supposed to be growing plants for some friends of mine, and I had a revelation that I do NOT have enough room. I am wondering if I will even have enough room for all of the things I am growing... Yikes...

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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SPRING HAS Sprung!!!!!!!!!!! At least in your grow station! Your little babies are BEAUtiful!!! I am putting all the jars through the dishwasher and will bring them to you... once you little babies have all grown up, you will be good to go.... your little plants are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! you rock gf