Sprouts! I have sprouts! Even though I am in my second year of gardening, I am still amazed at the tiny little seeds. I know in only a few months, we will be eating these glorious little greens. But they started so small! So far I have sprouts of broccoli, brussel sprouts, mesclun mix, kale, arugula, black seeded simpson lettuce, radishes, Ceasar crunch lettuce, 4 seasons red lettuce, ONE oregano, ONE basil, ONE brandywine tomato, and ONE lavender. I hope my herbs and tomatoes catch up with my lettuces.


All Sorts of New Things

Oh my! Where, oh where has my blogging ability gone? Oh where, oh where can it be?? (good thing you are reading because my singing ability is most certainly not my strong point.)

I purchased 2 packages of new seedling trays, only little did i know (or read) that each package contained 2 trays, so I have 72 extra seed cells. Which is totally fine. I really do prefer having actual little pots to put the seeds into rather than the little freestanding tube things I have. I like the soil better in the tube things though, so I will have to do some, eh, thinking about what to do next.

Today I planted 4 types of tomatoes (Brandywine, sweet 100 cherry, Golden Sunray, and Federle Plum), all of my herbs (I am having a brain fart so I will have to list them later), all of the lettuces and greens, broccoli and brussel sprouts. The green peppers have sprouted! I broke on of the baby leaves today, so I hope the little bugger makes it.  The tulips are all growing, and pushing the dirt away, so I will have to top them off soon.

On a side note, I was supposed to be growing plants for some friends of mine, and I had a revelation that I do NOT have enough room. I am wondering if I will even have enough room for all of the things I am growing... Yikes...


Forcing Tulips

Last fall, I bought a package of 14 beautiful purple tulip bulbs. Which I of course neglected to plant. Yeah, sometimes I dont get around to doing stuff I need to do. So anyhow, when we finished the planting table in the basement, I was going through my box of seed starting goodies, and found my treasured little bulbs, which had started to sprout already! Only 11 of the bulbs survived my neglect. I read a lot about forcing bulbs in the wintertime, and here goes my project. The instructions were all pretty basic. Plant the bulbs as close together as possible without them actually touching. Plant close to the surface, allowing just the tips to be exposed. Water as necessary. So, wish me luck!


First Signs of Spring

Punxatawney Phil can kiss my butt... I found the first signals of the coming warmth of Spring! Chickadees singing all around the yard, and 15 hydrangea buds on my treasured shrub. Even in this ever falling blanket of snow, I am happy in knowing that Spring is truly just around the corner.


My Market Tomato

On a side note, my mid winter tomato sucked. It had barely any flavor, and was hard. It wasn't a tomato. It was a notion of a tomato. Check "Market Spoils" post for more info.

Food, Inc

 I have watched Food, Inc twice now. The first time, I was absolutely disgusted with what has been going into my mouth my whole life. The second time however, was a drastically different experience. I learned exactly how things are "grown" and subsidized, and all of the lobbying going on. I learned how to make a difference. I felt inspired by the open and blatant opinions of those brave enough to share their opinions, and put their livelihoods on the line. All I can say is that this is not just an amazing movie, it is an important movie (not just their tagline, but the truth).

Buy Organic. Buy Local. Support businesses that treat their employees and the environment with respect. Plant a Garden (even a tiny one). Educate yourself on where your food comes from, and what the realy cost of it is, whether the cost be dollars, or your health.

Oh, and watch the Planet Green channel. #286 on directv


The First Seeds!!

The seedling mats are out and re-flattening  (is that a word?), and the first seeds are planted. I started with My bell peppers and lavender. The peppers I started so early because last year, the little buggers died and never even made it into the garden. This way, if they die again, I have time to remedy the situation and try again. I started the lavender so early because the plants that went into pots last year were so small, that I didnt get any flowers until late summer. I am also a little worried that I didn't overwinter the plants properly, and that they will not come back in the spring. I didn't get around to cutting them down to the ground, and so they have been shivering in the snow and frigid air.


Market Spoils

Saturday in the Frozen Tundra... We got like, 8 inches of snow in about 12 hours. I honestly couldnt believe my eyes when I walked outside today to do my usual Saturday stuff. There is so much snow out in Pittsburgh (reports from my Momma) that the city has shut itself down. Pittsburgh I guess is not equipped, mentally, nor do they know how to use plows, well anough to handle the snow. The said the snow was actually up to her knees this morning while taking the dogs for a walk.

So today at the market, I got a fresh little chicken to cook up this week and make more stock. I couldnt resist the tomatoes. I have been yearning for a tomato. It was cheap, and I only got one. I will definitely report back on the taste when we actually get around to eating it. Last week, I got blueberries, and was supremely disappointed in the hardness and bitterness of the blue gems.

Only a few more weeks until I begin planting, and I really cannot wait. Then I might actually have some good blogging material.


Sad Groundhog's Day

Dear Punxatawney Phil,

I would like to thank you for giving your forecast of 6 more weeks of winter. Im sure you had to wake up very early, earlier than me I am sure. Even though last year was the first Early Spring you had predicted in 6 years, I dont take this declaration of cold to the heart. Good Luck in the future, and have a good rest of the winter time in your highly insulated and well taken care of "stump."