Basement Renovations

The basement project is coming along well... The old utility sink is finally out of the basement, which i had to laugh on the inside listening to Jon (Andrews brother) making some serious weight lifting sounds as they drug the enormously heavy sink up the stairs. All of the studs are up except a couple of short walls, and the wall behind the shower separating the bathroom and the closet/grow station.

The closet will have 2 sliding doors that slide completely behind a small wall, opening up the area completely into a small storage area, and a proper seedling growing area. I am super excited to grow my seedlings in a room that isn't totally over whelmed by years of junk and dirt.

The pictures are in order so far from laying the sill plates and then of the studs.


  1. WOW.... that is going to be one SUPER closet! the boys are doing a good job!


  2. Boys?! How about Andrew and Myself?!

  3. So... then it's the "girls!" ... Kidding, Sir Ginter.

    Looking good! When is the finished product going to be on display?