My Lack of Blogging

The seeds have arrived!!! They actually arrived last weekend, but we have been extremely busy with some things that I cant discuss right now... "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse"

I am super excited about the upcoming garden, especially since I can see everything that will be planted.

Sorry for the lack of blogging... I am working on it...



I wish I had something to blog about... Sorry blogging world... I am a letdown this week. I am still waiting for the seeds to arrive from Seed Savers, and the progress on the basement is minimal. I did buy a new saw however! The snow has melted, but now it is cold again, so Cleveland is back the typical unattractive, gray, messy look of winter.


And Then There was LIGHT!!!

My day has been filled with light. The sun has finally shown its face upon gloomy Cleveland. The sun was out so feircely during my lunch hour, that I just had to get out of the office and soak it up. My sun soaking journey took me to my favorite, enormous Home Depot in the Steelyard, where I purchased the remaining seeds for the garden.

From Burpee, I purchased:
- Sweet Corn (bi-licious hybrid)
- Pumpkin (early sweet sugar pie)
- Spinach (baby's leaf hybrid)
- Lettuces (black seeded simpson, little ceasar, four seasons red., gourmet mesclun mix)

From Start Smart;
- Sage
- Cherry Tomato (super sweet 100 vf hybrid)

I am super excited about the cherry tomatoes. Last year I grew Burpees Sweet 100, and they were wonderful and insanely productive plants. I hope this brand does as well. I am anxious to see what happens. STILL waiting for my seeds from Seed Savers....

The basement has electicity!!!!!!!!!! It had power before, but not in our new room. I have 2 awesome outlets for my grow station, and each wall has 2 outlets. We have 6 can lights in the ceiling on a dimmer (we will eventually have a drop ceiling, I dont know when), and a switch for the bathroom light. It is so awesome. So freaking excited to no have to use a single extension cord for the shop vac, saw, drill, etc... Yay!!!!


The Garden Table is Complete!

The garden table is complete! I have 2 shelves, both 8 feet in lenght, and 2 feet wide.  The window is too high to provide sufficient light, but that is ok. Any real light is better than no light at all. Last year, the little monsters didnt have ANY real light, due to the extent of TP's stuff. I still have about 6 weeks before I can even begin to think about starting my seeds, but I cant wait. I am going crazy trying to keep myself busy with other things.

The electricians are coming tomorrow to put in all of the outlets, light switches, and wired goodies we need to have a real finished basement. I really cant wait. This weekend, while Andrew hangs drywall, I will be painting my lovely garden station :)


Organizing Seeds

This morning I am a busy bee getting all of the christmas decorations down, cleaning the house, and trying to stay sane while waiting for my new seeds to arrive. I picked up some coupon organizers at the store, and decided that would be a good way to keep my seeds nice and organized and keep them from spilling all over the place. It is working fairly well. I tossed the seeds from last year that were unsuccesful (especially the alien zuchinni seeds).


The Seeds are On the Way!!!

I made the leap and ordered my seeds on line from Seed Savers Exchange. They are totally awesome, almost everything is certified organic, and totally heirloom. No hybrid seeds here!

I ordered just about everything except the sweet corn and lettuces. I want to go with a brand that has more common types of lettuce and corn for me to plant. I am by no means nearly an expert, and I dont want to go crazy trying to pick out what I think looks good. I will probably go with some sort of hybrid sweet corn and easy lettuces like leaf lettuces.



This snow is INSANE... I must get some better detailed pictures in the daytime, but nevertheless...



I cant help but be excited about tonights long promoted Iron Chef. The Super Chef Battle
is all about cooking from the White House Garden! Not only are the chefs using the freshest veggies they possibly can, but local proteins from with 100 miles of Kitchen Stadium. Love It!!!

Basement Renovations

The basement project is coming along well... The old utility sink is finally out of the basement, which i had to laugh on the inside listening to Jon (Andrews brother) making some serious weight lifting sounds as they drug the enormously heavy sink up the stairs. All of the studs are up except a couple of short walls, and the wall behind the shower separating the bathroom and the closet/grow station.

The closet will have 2 sliding doors that slide completely behind a small wall, opening up the area completely into a small storage area, and a proper seedling growing area. I am super excited to grow my seedlings in a room that isn't totally over whelmed by years of junk and dirt.

The pictures are in order so far from laying the sill plates and then of the studs.


The Garden 2009 Compilation

I worked on the photos for the 2009 Garden, and attempted to put the photos in order... I was getting a little tired of naming, organizing, etc, that most of the photos have just numbers... I included the garage cleanup and rehab (including the kittens we found). Enjoy! I learned how to "link" photos!

Experiment in Posting Pictures

This is my first attempt to upload a picture from my Flikr website... I was trying to figure out how to do this, and found myself reminiscing about my first garden last year, and how exciting it was that my stuff was actually growing. It looked so neat and perfect in the beginning...

Garden 2009

If anyone knows how to actually place a picture in the blog as a link, please share your knowledge! Thanks a bunch!