Christmas is O-V-E-R

Christmas has ended, and I found myself asking, "Where was my favorite holiday?" Christmas this year was pretty uneventful, as far as holidays go. Tons of food, tons or driving, and tons of people. My dad, as always had a feast of shrimp, crab legs, prime rib, potatoes, and nibbly bits of all sorts. Mom's celebration actually took place at the home of my sister, Michelle, on Christmas morning. Grady (my adorable nephew) got a million new tractor toys (his papa is a real live farmer, with cows and everything, and more about the cows later), and we had the best breakfast casserole ever. Christmas evening was filled with more food of course, at Andrew's brothers home. Jon and Wendy had pasta, ham, potatoes, veggies, and the most impressive dessert spread. EVER. Pies, cookies, fudge, rice crispie treats, candies, OH MY!

Normally on the holidays, I am flying to and from only god knows where, and somehow, the holidays seem more present to me. This year working a regular 8-5 job with weekends and holidas off, and even though I was with all my friends and family, Christmas seemed distant. The tree came down yesterday, as our house is so stinking small, that even a Christmas tree takes up too much space after awhile.

Christmas also brought friends. Although I didn't get to see my best friends, Andrews friends Jeff and Lisa were in town from Chicago. We went to Lolitas on Saturday evening, which was AMAZING! About 90% of the food at Lolitas comes from local farms in and around Cleveland, and some in Pennsylvania. I absolutely love that place. Even though it has ridiculously been named "Michael Symon Corner."

So with the holidays over (I hardly count the new year as a holiday, but more like a right of passage into a new gardening year), I am planning the new garden. If Andrew and I stay in this house through the summer, the garden will be expanded to twice the size it is now, as well as many more pots in the driveway. The vacant house next to us is now bank owned (yay for our neighborhood) and I am scared someone will move in and I will lose the extra yard. No more space for my rolling composter, and no more jungle space to throw extra yard junk. If we find a house before the planting begins, then OH MY what garden plans will be made. Who knows! It may even be a total container garden. Or a square foot garden. Oh the possibilities are endless.

About the cows. A new opportunity has come up for more sustainable living for Andrew and I. All it requires is a freezer. Michelle and Jason have a farm. They raise the most amazing cows. Well, they raise the most amazing meat. I don't think a cow is anything particularly amazing. I don't know too much about the details, but in the fall Andrew and I will have our very own supply of beef. As I learn more about what they eat, etc, I will post more.


  1. when my house sells, opening a new chapter to my life, the freezer currently sitting in the garage come to you and Andrew.... it will serve you well!

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