Hey all! Coming to you from my tablet, so you know how desperate I am. I got a call from the computer doctor, and he is STILL waiting on a part for my laptop. It apparently needs a new motherboard, kind of an important thing.

Just some quick updates...

I spent my weekend computerless and built an entire swing set for my nephew. By myself. The instructions said "two men, 12 hours." It didn't take into account that women are smarter than men, and it took me 6 hours. Speaking of men....

I was gone for an entire total of 36 hours. Want to know what I came home to? (I'm supremely irritated, I wish you could see my face) Chickens had no food, Fuzz (outside kitty) was locked in the garage foodless and waterless, cats had no food, and the flowers in pots were half dead. It is apparent that when the yardener leaves the homestead in the charge of Hubby, even for only a day, all hell breaks loose. I'm just happy no one ended up dead. Still irritated as hell, but thankful..

Veggies are doing well, I am fighting the feral cats right now... They have worms, and they poop in my beds, and then my gross dog eats it, so then she had worms... Every one is healthy and has been medicated since I last posted, but now we have to take all kinds of precautions in the yarden so as to not re-worm (is that even a word?) the dog and possibly the inside cats simply from our shoes. Ugh. I hate animals sometimes.

I have lots of pictures to show you guys, and lots of stuff to talk about, but it is going to have to wait until I can get the pics off of my camera.

I really miss my computer :(

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  1. Hang in there. Guys are just different! Glad nothing died!!!