Cleaning Out the Pantry Recipe

Black Bean Soup. OMG YUM. I am still, always, working on cleaning out the pantry. I have not stuck with my meal plans lately because I have a terrible cold, and all I want is soup. So I have pretty much gone through my 8 quarts of stock from half of my Thanksgiving turkey bones, so tomorrow I will bust out the rest of the bones and make up another big batch.

Today I cooked up some dry black beans using my favorite method.... Just toss a bag of beans (usually a pound) into a slow cooker, chop up 1 onion, toss in some bay leaves, ground pepper, and cover with water about 2 inches from the top of the slow cooker. I have a small round one, maybe 6 quarts? If you have the large oval cooker, you don't need to make the water quite so high. I cook on low about 6 hours. Easy Peasy! No overnight soaking, no watching the pot... Trust me, this is the way to go! I use this method for ALL beans too...

So for the black bean soup, I kind of made this up as I went along, and I did NOT take pictures because it wasn't the prettiest of soups. Actually, it kind of looks like something you might give your dog, but trust me, very tasty. This makes quite a bit of soup, maybe 6 or 8 actual servings? But we eat a lot, so maybe just 4 for us.

Black Bean Soup
1 pound black beans dry weight, cooked (you do NOT need the cooking liquid). OR 4 cans black beans,                drained and rinsed
1 large onion, chopped
LOTS of garlic, minced - I used 8 cloves
about 1/2 pound carrots chopped small
1 green bell pepper, chopped
1 celery stalk, chopped small
1 cup frozen corn (I like a lot, so I may have used more)
1 quart stock - veg, chicken, turkey, whatever you have, just not beef
salt and pepper
dried chili flakes, about 1/2 tsp
ground cumin, about 1-2 tsp (more if you really love the stuff)
1 tsp chili powder
1 pinch cinnamon (really, just a pinch, a tiny bit)
1 avocado
small bunch cilantro
1/2 lime

~Saute your all your veg (NOT the corn) in a bit of olive oil in a soup pot until softened and slightly browned. Season with salt and pepper and spices. Add in your cooked beans and stock, bring to a boil. Use an immersion blender (or put a good few ladles into a blender) and blend in order to thicken the soup. Return the blended mixture to pot if you used a blender. Add the corn and bring back to a boil and allow soup to thicken.
~Cut up your avocado into a bowl and top with lime juice from 1/2 lime and some finely finely chopped red onion if you like it. Don't mash it like guacamole. Leave it in chunks. Chop up your cilantro.
~Serve soup nice and hot and top with the avocado mixture and cilantro and enjoy! Top with sour cream or plain yogurt if you please.

**Note** This is an awesome gluten free soup. If you use veg stock it will also be completely vegan!


  1. I just LOVE bean / pea soups. Man, do they look icky, but man are they goooooood!

  2. I am soooooooooo making this! THANK YOU