Dark Days Challenge

This year, I am only a week late on getting on the wagon with the Dark Days Challenge. Last year, I had no flippin clue what it meant. This year, I am ready to go and doing this via Nancy's blog, Little Homestead in Boise.This is a great challenge, AND it gives me something post about every week! (Winters are slow in the blogging world...)

So what is this challenge thing about??? Here are the guidelines, and if I am incorrect, please correct me!

Dates:The challenge runs from December 1st, 2012 – April 15, 2013

What’s the Challenge?
Try to cook four meals each month (1 per week) focused on sustainable, organic, and local ingredients (SOL). Whatever you can find is fine! Write about it on your blog, or here in the comments section. Feel free to link back to me on your blog if you have one!

What does local mean?
Traditionally local food challenges call for a 100 mile radius, but winter is more difficult in many climates. If you’re new to eating locally try 150 miles. Typical exceptions are oils, coffee, chocolate and spices. If you’re making fewer, or more exceptions, please note that on your first post or comment.

What if I can’t find every ingredient locally?
If you can’t find every ingredient, or even most ingredients, please still write about your attempts. This is just as much about what we learn, the obstacles we find and the decisions we make as it is about cooking with SOL ingredients. Do what you can, where you can.

What if I don’t have a good photos?
Take photos of what you’ve got, just do your best. No worries, keep it simple, or just tell the story and we’ll use our imaginations.

What if I don’t have a blog?

You are still welcome to participate! Just you come by each week and add your meal/experiences as a comment.

I think I will be pretty good to go on the protein front, as I have a freezer full of beef from my Sister and her Farmer, Row Family Farmers Extraordinaire, and we have our own chickens for eggs, and the chicken we eat come from a farm in Akron. The veggies might be difficult for me, as nothing is in season right now except for winter squash. 

On that thought, I am going to do a quick recap of what I have that we grew ourselves... A zillion pounds of winter squash and pumpkins are in the garage, bags of frozen green beans and corn are in the freezer, I can make pasta and breads with our eggs, we have tomatoes, apple sauce, pickles, peppers... Ok, I think we will be good! 

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone posts for their Dark Days Challenge! 


  1. It sounds as if you have it well under control! This challenge is sort of a win-win thing.

  2. Thanks for adding my info on the D.D.C.! You can also grab the "dark days button" off my site if you want too... Keep it up :)