I Want Leftovers!

Ok ok ok... Yes, I gloated that I didn't have to make Thanksgiving dinner this year, and I am still happy I didn't do it. But, I do miss leftovers. I want a turkey sandwich and mashed tater soup. Oh well...

It's probably a good thing I didn't end up with all the work of cleaning up either because on Friday morning, my sister called me and told me she hurt her back and needed me to come help her with the kiddos and her house. Tiny Gardener to the rescue! So I did her dishes, cleaned up a little, made food, and entertained my nephew (my niece generally doesn't want anything to do with me.)  Haha, my sister said, some kids have blankies and binkies and dog-dogs. My niece has mommy. Hahaha! Even as cute as my little niece is, I can see how she easily drives her momma up a wall, all while having the most adorable little smile! I really do need to get some new pics of these munchkins....

So after taking care of my sister as best I could, I came home yesterday to a house full of boxes as Hubby went to Ikea to get our new living room furniture. So then we spent all night putting furniture together and cleaning and folding boxes.

Then today... Oh today... Really, it wasn't any big deal until we were getting ready to leave the house to go watch the Brownies kick some Pittsburgh butt, and Chelsea Belle was SO excited to go see her boyfriend (Rocky, who really only has eyes for his frisbee) that she fell over the ledge of the foyer and onto the basement stairs. I FREAKED OUT!!! So hubby went on, and I stayed home to keep my eyes on the little lady.  I think she will be ok, she is limping, but does not flinch or yelp at all when I bend her legs and check her spine. She is old, so I am sure she will be sore for a couple of days... Poor little babe... For now she is sleeping on a blankie in front of the stove.


  1. Chelsea is a dog I assume or? Hope she's better! Off to eat some turkey leftovers :)

  2. Cherish her. Dogs reflect the best--and the worst--in us. I just lost an old friend this morning: Loli. She was 14 and died in her sleep.