No Spend October Day 9

Ok, this is shot to hell. With the Harvest Party looming this weekend, I know I am going to spend a lot on meat and other food. I know I am going to spend money on firewood for the fire pit. I know I am going to spend money on beer. Even with people bringing dishes, I know money will be spent, and it will be over my desired budget.

Also, with the beef being at the butcher, I am going to have to spend money on the processing, and this is not a choice of when it happens. When the beef goes, it goes. Last year we spent $165 for our beef processing, and I am sure their prices have gone up. I will find out soon enough. I think I would have been close to my budget before the beef, but nowhere near it after paying the processor.

Oh well... Maybe next month...



  1. Well, technically you already had the Harvest Party planned. And the beef was also planned. I'd still keep trying on the "other" little things. We had THREE big'ish thing just today; light switch thingy in the truck went out ($96), belt & carb went on the wood splitter ($40), and Paul just told me I'm going to have to take the truck in tomorrow to get a new tire as it's flat and not fixable ($100 plus).

    Sorry, didn't mean to bitch. But it sure does make ya feel like you really have NO control over your money outlays when things like beef and tires come into play.

  2. I really want to try the no spend month but I know I would fail this time of year! Maybe I can do it in January! Even if you do not keep it under your goal- I am sure you will be able to see a huge difference from last month!