Junk Drawer

With the garden being almost completely gone for the year, I need to find other stuff to post about...

I was inspired this morning by Dorothy over at Life With Boys and her 31 Days to a Minimalist Lifestyle. Today, she posted about her junk drawers. Yes, everyone has one. Or 2. Or 3. Dorothy was awesome enough to gain a WHOLE DRAWER! And who doesn't need more drawers?! Or maybe we wouldn't need more drawers if we kept track of our junk! Anyways, we only have 1, and it is small, but WAY overcrowded. It has even been known to be stuck shut on several occasions and remained that way for several month, weeks, days... Yeah... And guess what?! This didn't cost me a thing!!! Yay for No Spend October!

During... I also found several very old packs of gum, a post it with the phone number of the previous owner of our house from when we first moved in (3 years ago), and one euro.... Not to mention the stack of odd papers and business cards, random nails and staples and screws that when straight into the trash...
After... Where did the tools go? The nuts and bolts? The staple gun and various glues and lubricants? Right into the tool box where they belong!
**Post Update** After cleaning my junk drawer, I went for my 2 utensil drawers. Since I can barely stand to part with my kitchen tools, it was tough. But I did get rid of THREE wine openers (we like the standard corkscrew/beer opener), TWO knife sharpeners (I had 3, but only need one... DUH ME), like, 10 or 15 old jar lids, my gross and sticky silpat liner (I prefer parchment paper), and several decorative wine corks for keeping leftover wine that were tarnished and ugly (Who the hell has leftover wine???)


  1. Oooo! I've got three (well, maybe for our five little junk drawers like that)....since you did such a nice job on yours I think you should continue your cleaning on mine!

    1. I went crazy and cleaned my utensil drawers too... It was not as successful, but at least I feel like I accomplished something.

  2. I'm all in on No $pend October. And maybe, maybe... I'll clean my junk drawer. After day number 5 of my living room remodel is done, that is.

    1. Junk drawers are a totally random thing... You just have to be in the mood... Obviously, I am only in that mood about once every 3 years.

  3. You think you've done a good thing, but just you wait until you need to sharpen several knioves simultaneously, or open three bottles of wine in perfect unison. Then you'll be sorry.

    That's why I have three sheds; you never know when you're going to need that junk.

    I still have a junk drawer too.

    Well, several actually.

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