Empty Garden, Happy Chickens

We have pulled nearly everything out of the garden except the cabbages, kales, and peppers. Can you believe we still have peppers growing? They will be coming out after this weekend's Harvest Party (more on that later.)

SO what does an empty garden mean? Happy chickens! The girls are no longer restricted to paths through the beds, and are now allowed to dig in the dirt to their hearts content. At least until the end of this month when I put the garlic in... But that is only one bed...

Whatchyou lookin at?!

I couldn't let you leave without seeing a very happy dog either...


  1. Don't you love it when they give you the "chicken eye"??
    What? No kitty pictures?!

    1. you know, I have some new kitty pics on my phone, but they are so blurry. I need to find my camera charger to fulfill the kitty demands...

  2. We really do need kitty pictures!

    I want chickens but they are not allowed in our housing development. Yours look very happy roaming your yard.