Batton Down The Hatches! It's Frankenstorm!

In all seriousness, I hope all my blogosphere friends and their families on the East Coast are safe and well.

But this storm name is SILLY! Lets please call her by her name, Sandy. Sandy hasn't even hit the coast yet, and we here in Ohio are already feeling it. This morning was SO dark (in part I think because DST has been extended) but good gawd, it was almost creepy walking the dog this morning! I didn't edit these photos, so yes, this is really how dark it was at 730...
Heading North on our street, Chelsea as my guard dog
Looking North towards Lake Erie, end of the street

Looking West, end of the street

Looking East, end of the street
So after we ate breakfast, I convinced Husband to take me over to Edgewater Park so we could see the Lake in its fury. Instead of walking, we drove... Super lame since the lake is our back yard, but it was WINDY. We walked out onto the pier and Holy cow! It was crazy! I tried to upload some video, but Blogger just wasn't going to have it... Sorry, but you will miss out on the floating birds and our silly commentary....

These are the bases of the old pier... If you watch the video, you will see that the waves almost crest the tops

See that flat area of stone in the middle? There are a few of these around the pier, people usually are hanging out and fishing from them... The lake is usually about 8 ft below that

These rocks vary in height... About 2-4 ft each

This one is for Carolyn Renee... I knew she would worry about the kitties, but dont! Punkin thinks this is great sleeping weather... And as for the chickens, they have some new fresh straw, food, and water... They safely tuck themselves into a corner and snuggle. I would take a picture of it, but every time I open the door, they come running to me...


  1. Wow, that looks nasty! Tall water and ominous, keep us posted! Stay well...

  2. Lake Ontario is gearing up too. Waiting for the full force to hit us Monday. I have my camera in my purse so I can get pictures of the lake during my lunch hour. Stay dry and warm!

    1. Thanks Bonnie! You stay dry and warm also... I think New York is gonna get pounded! I look forward to seeing your pics too!