Thwarting Cat Attacks

This morning, we heard the most gawd-awful chicken sounds.... And then Punkin was running, and I mean RUNNING to the back window to see what was going on. There was one of the neighborhood cats stalking our chickens. The chickens must have noticed it because they were huddled in a corner together and making the loudest noises I have heard from them yet. We chased the cat off, but I know he will be back. The cats around here have figured out that we have little chickens and not Big chickens... They have been in the yard almost everyday for the last week. I know the last girls we had would fight off the cats. Heck, they pestered the hell out of the groundhog when she came into the yard. But these ones are still little and an easy snack. Damn those cats! (Sorry Carolyn)

However, I am pleased to say that after a week (I really haven't been counting) the chickens know me as food. Like, serious food. Meal worms to be exact. Little One loves me! At least I am telling myself that. I can now walk into the back yard, she runs up to me and checks out my hand as it moves down to pick her up, and then she sits quietly in my arms for a few minutes until she realizes I don't have any worms at the moment and starts peeping like, "Hey! What the devil?! Where are my treats?!" And then I set her down and she follows me until I give her something to munch on. I know hug a chicken every day :)

Now, the weird thing... Not bad since the compost pile is growing because of it, but they just do NOT eat kitchen scraps. I keep setting stuff out, they will look at, peck it to check it out, and then walk away. My old Girls used to go INSANE for kitchen scraps. I just don't get it... Maybe these girls need to grow more so that their pallets can mature and appreciate kitchen scrap goodness....
Left Profile of Little One

"This is my better side"

Little One, Blackie, Big Red, Blondie (We are soooo original with names this time around)

They really will perch anywhere

They perch even on flat things...


  1. The cats can't get in to the coop (as far as you know), right? Is "Chicken Stalker" one of the bad cats? My chickens could easily ward off a normal stray, but I'm sure that a really hungry and determined cat could easily take down your little ones. :(
    I swear, you have just as many "wild animal" problems in the 'burbs as I do in the woods!
    Could you maybe give the gals switch blades or some pepper spray to put in their purses? They do carry purses, right?

    1. The cats can't get in once the door is closed and latched. I have caught a few of them in there while the door is open and the girls are roaming. My old girls could fight off a cat, but not these little ones.

      And girl, we are full fledged city! Just goes to show you that no matter where you live, animals rule. Now that I think about it, switch blades and pepper spray would be quite fitting for our location!

  2. They are adorable. Hope the cat situation gets straightened out soon.

    1. Thanks! And it won't. Ever. I just have to wait for my chickens to get bigger. The cats are totally feral but "live" a couple houses down. The guy that lives there feeds them and cleans up after them, but never takes them to get spayed. It is very frustrating, not only with the cat stalking but their poo is everywhere!

  3. I have 2 younger one right now too, and they LOVE rolled oats! Have you tried that? I give them all a handful every day. We have a couple of cats too, I just flushed one out of the backyard, sitting on our fence. Ironically we just adopted a cat, inside only. She and the girls watch each other thru the sliding glass door in the kitchen, funny! Our biggest hen really sounds an alert when she sees a cat thru the fence, she think she's a rooster!