One of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those mentally draining days where you can't help but feel that you have no idea what in the hell you are doing in life? Today's thoughts consisted of: I can't believe I spent all last weekend working on homework and no time in the garden and now I am doing it all over again; I quit my job??? What the hell is wrong with me???; I can't believe I may actually finish college; This paper is too hard, I will never finish college; Why can't I just be a writer? Oh wait, if I were a writer, this paper wouldn't be so hard; Good Gawd I need to get my butt in the garden; Maybe I should invest in lottery tickets....

Perhaps this is a nearly 1/3 life crises thing... You know, more than a quarter of my life, but not quite midlife... I guess I should get back to my homework...

And then I keep thinking about the 4th of July. Not in a "I love this country, yay America" kind of way, but in a "PLEASE GOD DON"T LET MY HOUSE BURN DOWN" kind of way. In case you hadn't been following this blog last 4th of July, here is a great photo essay of the war-zone that is my street every single YEAR. 

feeling a little overwhelmed by the workload???


  1. Wow, those photos are FREAKY!! I mean, well, it could be fun, but I'd be like you, wondering if my house was going to burn down. Do you have the kitties outfitted in their riot gear and you with the hose at the ready?

    And yes, I feel your pain about not knowing what the heck you're thinking your doing or thinking about thinking what you're going to do. By the way, nice ass! The one on the cart, I mean.

  2. That poor ass! (photo) :D Hope you find your center soon!

  3. I am also in school full time. I should be working on my paper that is due on Monday but I am reading blogs instead. :)

    I make myself get up really early to give me a little time in the garden before my kids wake up. It is my own special time. It is NEVER long enough. I hope you find a way to get into the garden.

  4. We've all been there, I hear you! Stay cool!