Let The Flea Wars Begin

It is that time of year... Punkin escapes to the big wide world of the driveway, and we inevitably end up with fleas. I already powdered the carpets, next on my list is to give the cats another dose of anti-flea juice. Just have to order some from the internet...  I have a feeling that the fleas maybe worst than last year due to our very mild winter, and I am dreading it... Fleas are my worst enemies! I mean, other than slugs and groundhogs... Let the battles begin!


  1. that is exactly what the vet told me... the flea population is WAY worse this year than last

    oh yipppppeeeee skippppeeee

  2. That's one thing I don't miss about having really cold winters here- no fleas, ever!

  3. Flea Free so far this year. Pups are on Trifexis (for which I contributed a healthy paycheck for!) and no fleas so far. Can't stand the fleas. If I get bit, I swell up!