Lessons in Frugality #2 - Find A Part Time Job

For those of you that have been following for awhile know that I was really unhappy at my job, which was being a flight attendant. Well, I have officially turned in my notice... And it is weird. But now that the business of quitting is over with, I can tell you about my new job! I have found a part time job working as a nanny for 2 tweenaged boys and their totally awesome parents. I have to make sure they get picked up from camp, make them snacks, make the family dinner (which is totally fun) and make sure the laundry is done. Did I mention the dogs? I also get the pleasure of having 2 gorgeous chocolate labs with me when I am there. They are the sweetest dogs you ever did meet.

This will totally help the income and it gives me plenty of time to do my school work. Which I should totally get back to! Happy Wednesday Everyone!