It's Gonna Be A Hot One!

The temps this week are supposed to get up into the mid 90's, which is pretty hot for us here in the mid-west. I am just thankful may rain barrels are chock full of water! Yes, I will keep talking about them every chance I get until I am sick of hearing the words "rain barrel." Sorry.

Anywho, I am thankful for the rain and the water in storage because everything is finally recovering really really well from the groundhog attacks. The cucumbers don't seem to want to climb up, so I am resorting to trying them so they don't smother my eggplants. And speaking of eggplants, I don't know what in the heck if going on... They keep growing new leaves and all, but the aren't growing up, they are growing out. Like bushes... Eggplant bushes. I can't figure it out! Everything else seems to be doing well... Except the peppers. They too are not really growing. The bed they are in did not get the same ammendments as the rest of the garden, so maybe that has something to do with it. I really have no idea. Whatev! So here are some pics. These are before the rains, so just imagine everything bigger :)
Tomato Basil Alley is growing along nicely

Amish Paste flowers

despite the close up, this basil is still really little... just planted it a few days ago

The lone head of broccoli after the groundhog attacks... It is about the size of lemon

But I still have hope for my purple sprouting broccoli (blogger not accepting edited photos)

cabbages recovering nicely post GA (again, darn you blogger!)

There we go, the brassica bed

Brussel Sprouts... I gotta get some more DE on these

Stunted peppers... Although, they do look better after the rains

I replanted the beans that the Old Chickens dug up and ate...


  1. wow.... I am surprised that anything recovered from the GH attack... pretty impressive..love tomatoe alley~~ haha

  2. My peppers always do best in the insane hot weather. Granted, I got to keep 'em watered, but the wacko plants seem to like it Africa hot here. Maybe your heat wave will make them think about growing more.

    1. Peppers love heat, and if you want really hot peppers, treat them like total garbage and they will reward you! Mine just won't grow any bigger! I wish they would get a little taller with more leaves and a stronger stem before they start making flowers.

  3. Rain barrels are awesome! We have 2 and will be adding a 3rd :)

  4. Goodbye groundhogs! Hello garden!

    My peppers are still waiting for some warm weather. I've only grown eggplant once in my life, and they were gorgeous bushes. I threatened to grow them again, in the front yard, just for their sheer prettiness. We hated the eggplants!

    1. I know, right?!

      I remember when you grew those weird red eggplants. I love my eggplant and all, but those red ones weirded me out! They really are pretty plants though. I love how soft the leaves look!

    2. Red eggplants??? Im off to search your blog to find them!

    3. Oh, and thanks we finally got the rain we needed in MI and OH!

  5. That's a yummy 'lemon'! We are growing two eggplant varieties. They each grow vastly different, I'm finding. One with a whitish leaf is growing tall with huge leaves. The other with darker leaves is squatty and growing more leaves from the stalk. However those varieties have flower buds on top while the taller ones do not currently. Not sure which is the ping tung and which is the Aswad. Hmm. I'll get back to you when we have a plant with a 3lb eggplant on it! Then it will be clear. :D