The First Garlic Harvest

We harvested the soft neck garlic. I hope we did it at the right time. Most of the lower leaves had died down to brown, and the top leaves were still green but flopping over and turning brown at the tips. It looked like I was thinking it should, and the cloves look really good, so we shall see. Out of the 46 Lorz Italians planted, we got 43 heads. So, a loss of only 3 is pretty darn good in my book, especially since we've never grown it before. Some of the heads a really really little, but that's OK, I will still use them! I have them all laying out on a big piece of plywood with a fan hanging up in the garage to cure. I am super excited to pull the hard neck varieties out because they just look so darn BIG! They just don't look like they are ready to harvest yet... maybe a couple more weeks....

For storage, I will probably put them into braids and hang them somewhere in the basement... I will have to make sure my dehumidifier keeps going like, every day, other wise the braids will probably get moldy. Not good!

Now, questions.... How long do they need to cure for? How do I know they are done? How do I get all that dirt off?


  1. Looks pretty good. I'm waiting for my garlick to have at least 3 bottom leafs turn yellow before picking and then it will be cured for 3-4 weeks until stalk is fully dry and roots turn wiry. Just shake of the dirt and it will come off easily once it's all dry - nothing to cling to.

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