Farm Weekend

So, this weekend, I was finally able to get all of my squash and pumpkin seeds in the ground. The dirt was tilled up sooo nicely, I could just stick the seeds in and go. Easy Peasy! Our goal was to lay down black plastic between the rows to suppress the grass and weeds and field flowers. I really should have done this before I planted the seeds.... Lesson well learned for next year. I needed to get a total of 6 rows of plastic down.... I only got 2 done before I ran out of logs to hold the wood down.

Now the solution would be to find lots of wood or something to hold down the plastic. I found some, only it was after I had gotten all cleaned up. And I found this wood because I found this little thing!
That is my little niece  Shelby playing with the new barn cat, Kitty. I can't really think of anything else to call her at the moment, so that will probably stick. But anyways, I was pulling logs out of the overgrown grass, and there she was! I probably would have brought her home with me, but she is most definitely pregnant as well. Her body is way too little for her to have a belly this size. So soon, we will have LOTS of barn cats. I will need to look up the county's spay and release program. I love barn cats, but I don't want hundreds of inbred ones either. So I ran to the little grocery store and picked up some bowls, cat food, and a big jug of water (since we don't have any running water at the farm) and filled her bowls up really full. We will only be going down there every couple of weeks, at most, and I don't want her to run away.  She is pretty clean too... I didn't see any fleas, just burrs and dirt. Her ears could use a good cleaning, but I don't think she shows any signs of mites. All in all, she is very healthy, if not just skinny. She could stand to gain some weight, especially since she is gonna be a mommy soon.

I guess I should probably include a picture of the farm since that's what this post was originally about...
The plastic you see there is the portion that my FIL planted with canteloupes. Our portion is at the top of that little ridge, but I didn't take a picture of it since it looks, well, like dirt....


  1. Beautiful kitty but i really hope you'll get her spayed and her babies when they're big enough so they won't keep breeding. btw, you can find garden staples U-shape metal pins in walmart or any garden store to keep plastic down and it looks very neat once it's done.

    1. Don't you worry about them over breeding... I am an advocate of spay and neuter. With the stray cat problem in my neighborhood, I wish more people were. And thanks for the tip! I will have to check them out!

  2. Kitties!!! Hope she does well while you're gone.

    The farm looks very inviting; how do you keep yourself from staying there? It must really suck to have to go home. But there are other kitties at home, so I guess it's not that bad :)

    1. I knew you would be all over this post! I think she will do Okay. She has a food bowl the same size she is, and there is water too. She has obviously done okay up to this point, so I hope she will stick around.

      And it is sooo hard to go home. However, the fact that there is not a house, electricity, or running water presents some issues... We have to go into town to uh, take care of business, if you catch my drift.