Beneficial Bugs

First off, Happy Father's Day to all you hard working Papas out there!!!

I don't have any pictures of them, mainly because when I see these little buggers, I don't have my camera handy. However, I am so so so pleased with the increase of beneficial bugs going on this year. I have seen my first few lady bugs (this is the beginning of the third year in this house), praying mantis's, honey bees from the neighbor, other random bees which I don't know the variety (but not carpenter bees thank gawd), and thanks to them and the chickens (the old ones) we don't seem to have much of a pest problem.

Except for the slugs. The other night, we went out to stalk groundhogs, and Hubby ended up slug hunting instead. In a matter of 4 or 5 minutes, he squashed probably 20 slugs. Totally gross. Lately they have been into my brassicas and my hostas. It's really cheesin me off! I put some DE on them in hopes of evading the little slimers.

Oh, and I am happy to announce that the groundhog feasting seems to have subsided (for now, knock on wood) since we wrapped each individual bed in chicken wire. Expensive, annoying, difficult to weed, but at least we will get some kind of harvest out of it. They have been getting into the yard, and I know this because I reset the wood and bricks in their tunnels under the fence every few days, but so far they haven't gotten into beds. I hope it stays that way!


  1. I feel your pain with the slugs. I wish I could get my husband to go out on a murderous slug killing spree like yours. Lucky you.

  2. I'm having a horrible slug year, too. I resorted to beer traps. With the traps and hand gathering I've at least made a big dent in their numbers. Hate them!

  3. lots of slugs this year which is surprising bc it is so dry... hmmm... good ole table salt makes em shrivel up... haha

  4. I can say that I haven't had a slug problem here; probably because it's been FREKING HOT and not a DROP of STINKING RAIN!!!

    For a second when I saw the words "bricks" and knew you were talking about the groundhog I figured you had set up some elaborate trap that would bash the bugger's head out with a ton of bricks. Hmmmmmmm....maybe I got something there. :)